26 Mar 2016

He did His part, now it’s up to us!

“The responsibility rests upon our shoulders to demonstrate on a daily basis that which brings to life the selfless gift of the Savior’s death, burial and resurrection.”

The days leading up to Easter as some call Resurrection Sunday is the most holy of weeks on the Christian calendar.  Jesus Christ who was without sin allowed Himself to be crucified for our sins that we might have a more abundant life here on earth and the promise of life eternal with Him.  As I was preparing my thoughts for this blog, the lyrics of the chorus to a beautiful song came to mind.  That song is “Oh How He Loves You and Me”.

Oh how He loves you and me, Oh how He loves you and me,
He gave His life, what more could He give,
Oh how He loves you, Oh How He loves me,
Oh how He loves you and me.

Jesus gave the ultimate gift that can never be superseded by any other human being.  He didn’t just die for you and me; He suffered an agonizing, brutal, inhumane crucifixion that even after 2,000 years is still unimaginable. Yet as a supreme demonstration of His love for us and for the promise of the Messiah being fulfilled  — He died that we might live.  Like the song says . . . what more could He give?  There is not any more for Him to give, but still He keeps giving even after giving the ultimate gift of Himself.

I was reading an article that lists 10 recommendations for your church’s checklist to prepare for the flood of guests and visitors that will make their way to church on Easter Sunday.  As a person who strives for excellence in ministry and emphasizes the importance of church protocol, I saw merit in this well thought out checklist.  After reading it thoroughly I looked far beyond this one major event on the calendar.  For some, Easter and Christmas has become an “event” where we plan special presentations and interject the “extras” that are not a part of our normal order of service.  Who are we really doing this for?  Is all this for the Savior or is it to impress our guests?  I am not here to say what should be a part of weekly services or special days throughout the year.  However I would like to pose this question?  

What are we as individuals, as Christians, doing to compel others not to just visit our churches on these special days but to urge them to give their lives to Christ that living for Him might become a lifestyle. Jesus doesn’t need our occasional or even regular church attendance as a “favor”, but rather He desires to receive us as an offering of love back to Him for what He so selflessly did and continues to do for us.  The responsibility rests upon our shoulders to live our lives that others will be drawn unto the Savior.  

The Easter parades, frilly dresses, crisply pressed suits, shiny shoes, beautiful lilies and tulips, the special presentations, the songs specifically written to be sung during this wonderful time of year are captivating and indeed impressive in the moment.  The responsibility rests upon our shoulders to demonstrate on a daily basis that which brings to life the selfless gift of the Savior’s death, burial, and resurrection.

Source: New feed