02 Mar 2016


I have learned over the course of time as a writer, preacher, and teacher, when a word of phrase literally drops into my mind it is because God wants me to do something with it. Such is the case for the subject of this week’s blog.

Support is something we will all need at some point in our lives. No matter how strong, independent, or accomplished we are not exempt of this vital component in our lives. The importance of support finds itself nestled within the parameters of give and take. In other words, being a recipient of support will always at some point place us in a position later to be an extender of support. Webster’s dictionary defines support in this manner — to carry the weight of; hold up; encourage; help; to advocate. Therefore we can divide the action of support in three descriptive categories.

1) In order to “support” someone you must first come to the understanding of what it really means to you. Support first and foremost must originate from a point of interest and concern. If those two areas are not the platform, genuine support cannot be offered. Even the most independent individual has an innermost desire to be cared about.

2) Next, we need to understand what it means to be a “supporter”. That can be accomplished in far more ways that can be explained in this blog. But what is supremely important is that we all have a desire in our hearts to be a “supporter”. Even when financial support or material resources are not readily available, personal interest can make a profound difference in the life of another person. Our spouses need to know that we are their biggest supporters. Our children need our support in their endeavors as they grow and mature in life. The elderly long for our support to know that they are not forgotten and that their life still has value. The sick and underprivileged are uplifted and oftentimes sustained as a result of the support of others. Again support can be found in words of encouragement, assistance in difficult times and situations, prayer, and quality time spent.

3) Finally we must look at the blessing of being “supported”. There are countless people in the world that could have accomplished their dreams if they only felt support! I firmly believe that some suicides, drug addictions, mental breakdowns, etc. could have been avoided if someone offered sincere support. I count myself blessed beyond measure to have been supported since I came into the world. I am a part of a wonderful family who believes in support. We go out of our way to support each other, and now that I am wife, mother, grandmother, spiritual leader (and so on, J) I foster and promote the value of support of on a constant basis. Once you find yourself supported in an endeavor, crisis, or even a decision making circumstance it really does help to lighten the burden. The “supported” then have the responsibility to pay it forward! Support does not mean the provision of all the answers, supplying the financial need, or furnishing the absolute solution. However, what it offers is the assurance of love, concern, and genuine benevolence.

This week take some time to think about what are the parameters and even limitations of “support” in your eyes; if you see yourself as a true “supporter”; and how blessed are you to have been “supported”. This just might require some real soul searching!

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power:
for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure
they are and were created.
(Revelation 4: 11) KJV