23 Jul 2015

“Why was it GOOD for God but not GOOD ENOUGH for them?”

A few days ago I preached a message entitled “The Naked Truth”. The basis of my sermon came from Genesis chapter 3. The message was centered around the initial temptation of Eve by the serpent and her ultimate fall into disobedience against God and His Word. I delved further into the study of how after their disobedience they because sharply aware of their “nakedness”. Although it is not my intent to recapture that sermon in today’s blog, I do want to share my thoughts on another aspect of one of the major reasons behind Eve’s downfall.

Anyone who has a relationship with God should not find it difficult at all to look around and count your blessings. I am smart enough to know that there isn’t anyone who is living in a state of utopia and existing void of challenges. I choose to look at life from the viewpoint of the glass being half full as opposed to the glass being half empty. In other words, I have learned that my life is actually full of more positives than negatives. Now I know there are some that would beg to differ harshly with me, but I want God to know how grateful I am for His many blessings in spite of . . .

Unlike us, Adam and Eve did have this “perfect life” handed to them without having to ask or work for anything. There were things that we experience daily that they never were meant to even know the meaning of, i.e. hardship, lack, death, sickness, etc. God freely gave them everything they would ever want or need because of His love for His very first children!

Wow, have you ever thought of what life would have been like for you had not Eve blown it for us? It’s a good thing she’s not still around, I think she would have had a hard way to go! I couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that Adam and Even had everything anyone could ever want or need but GOOD just wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH for them. The word of God says clearly that God saw everything that He had made and it was GOOD. But why was it GOOD for Him but not GOOD ENOUGH for them? If indeed it had been GOOD ENOUGH then they would have stayed away from the tree of good and evil that they were instructed not to eat of.

As hard as it may see aren’t we true descendants of Eve when it comes to our dissatisfaction with what we have and refusing to see that if God doesn’t give us another thing He’s already done more than enough!! Please don’t think I am proposing that we should never attempt to improve ourselves or the condition of our lives. That’s not where I’m going here. I am simply attempting to raise our level of gratitude to God for all He’s done in your life and all that He has given even when we have been undeserving.

I think I’ve given you more than enough to ponder on, so I’ll leave you with this. Anytime you’re feeling that something, someone, somewhere isn’t GOOD ENOUGH begin to thank God for it first and then see if He won’t go over, above, and beyond!!

“Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter
end should greatly increase.”
Job 8: 7 (KJV)