25 May 2017

Time Management

A few weeks ago, my staff and I were so blessed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our women’s retreats!  The entire weekend was absolutely incredible.  We had guests who attended for the very first time, repeat attendees, and those who have attended every single year!  Among our first-time guests was one of my cousins.  After the retreat, she spoke to me before leaving and shared that she feels I should write a book on “time management”. 

Since I was not expecting to hear that, I guess the look on my face was one of bewilderment.  She went on to say that I could not accomplish all that I have and continue to do with this ministry and not have the gift of time management.  For the past several weeks I have been giving much thought to her recommendation.  So, this blog may very possibly be the start of a new book!

God has designed our lives with such uniformity that everyone has the same amount of time in each day.  No one is given any more time, nor is any one given any less time.  Every person has the same amount of time at their disposal each day.  It is up to you and me if we decide to use the hours that are allotted to us wisely or waste them.  When we have not been good stewards of the time given to us, we often casually pass it off as wasted time.  However, in the grand scheme of life it goes much deeper than that. 

When we were created, each person was created with a purpose and a plan.  If we examine closely the bigger picture, we recognize that every hour wasted impedes the progress to the achievement of our purpose.  To the contrary it is very important that we take the time we need to relax, decompress, pamper ourselves, and simply breathe.  But we must be careful that we do not become lethargic, resulting in loss of momentum and self-motivation.

It is devastating to see a person defeated in their purpose, never fulfilling the magnitude for which they were created.  The recognition of certain signs is key in safeguarding against this.  When discovery of new horizons and adventures is no longer of interest, it is time to reexamine your present status.  Progress can only be achieved when there is a drive for accomplishment.

Here are a few ways to manage your time wisely to ensure progress and productivity in your life:

• Live each day on purpose  –  not haphazardly
• Set goals and timelines for achievement  –  daily, short term, long term
• Strive to achieve mental and physical stimulation daily
• Identify your primary time wasters  — correct them or eliminate them
• Relax and rest as needed  – pay attention to the signals of your mind / body
• Engage challenges that will sharpen your intellect and skills
• Endeavor to achieve balance in your life  
• Take steps to live a well ordered and organized life

Source: First Lady Denise