12 Jan 2017

How Attractive Are You?

For those of you who like me try to sum up the content and gist of an article from its title; I hope you will not assume that this blog is geared toward the female reader.  It is my intent that it has something for everyone!

My husband and I frequently make the statement in our teachings and sermons that it is unfortunate that the lives of many Christians have made Christianity unattractive!  Obviously, the root word of attractive is “attract”.  To attract something or someone means to simply “draw” or persuade them to come closer.   We often refer to ourselves as God’s representatives or agents.  We are to fulfill this role in an effort to lead others into the Kingdom of God.   As a Christian that is exactly what we should do if we indeed feel that our assignment is to spread the  the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ and His plan salvation for all mankind.  However, that assignment is not as easy as it sounds.  But it is certainly not impossible either, it just takes constant effort as well as being cognizant of how our looks, actions, and words are being observed by others.

This year I am on an all-out mission to make God and life with Him look good – correction . . . not just good but GREAT!  I can only do that if I concentrate on how I look, what I do, and what I say.  It is unfortunate that the saying “what would Jesus do” went out like a trendy fad.  That one phrase if used in its proper perspective would cause one to literally think about their actions before they act or react. 

It is my goal to draw people by what they see on the outside and once they are attracted I have the opportunity share what is on the inside.  If I don’t look and act good, how can others perceive the God I serve as good?  They only have me to look at as the image of God!  Indeed it may take a little more time in the mirror, extra effort in the selection of what I where and when I wear it, and I must be ever conscience of my choice of words, actions, and how I engage in conversation with others. 

Some of my behavioral habits may need to change, and maybe even some dietary adjustments may be required.  Additionally, I must be more aware and informed about what is happening around me as it relates to religion, politics, and world affairs.  Everything that is taking place in our world today will affect us directly or indirectly, sooner or later.  Whether it’s the pursuit of formal education or informal enhancement of your intelligence, we must strive to be informed.  The more we know the better we can represent the God we talk about. 

Whatever it takes, we must make God attractive!   It occurred to me that one might have a rebuttal to my suggestions and say that one cannot be all things to all people.  That is absolutely correct, and I am not proposing that at all.  On the other hand, the time is NOW for you and I to manifest all the greatness that God created in us so that others can be encouraged to know that if it happened for us it can happen for them!

How attractive are you?  Let’s make God and Christianity more attractive than ever before through how good we look!

Source: First Lady Denise