05 Jan 2017

What Do You See For This Year?

As we enter this new year, and move past the events of last year, there is lots of talk about new year’s resolutions, promises, and vows.  Many of them are encompassed with sincere and good intentions.  However, those good intentions do not automatically materialize into reality.  I am convinced that good intentions and resolutions must move past the thought process.  You have to literally “see” what you want to happen!  You must visualize it in your mind and then put a plan into place to activate what you see.

Some years ago when my family and I relocated from Maryland to Ohio we had many new exciting adventures to explore, but the move did not come without challenges.  We had a newly built home to sell in Maryland; and were faced with the decision to build a new home in Ohio or look to purchase an existing one that suited our desires.  As the months passed things did not seem to happen as quickly as we had anticipated.  Frustrations soon set in and anxieties began to mount.  We finally made the decision that we did not want the hassle and extended period of time it takes to build another home, so we connected with a realtor in search of our new ready built home.  We viewed home after home but nothing seemed to suit my fancy!  Thank the Lord we had a very patient realtor. 

One night my husband sat me down and said very patiently “Babe I want you to see your new home”.  At first I was annoyed by the request because I didn’t understand it.  But as he explained it further to me I began to do just as he asked.  In my mind, I began to visualize the entry way, the kitchen, the master bedroom (all the key areas that had major significance to me).  Later, I shared with him what I was seeing.  He then conveyed that to my realtor and we resumed our search.   Then one day we walked into the front door of a home that was exactly what I envisioned!  Needless to say it was a done deal  — we purchased our new home!   As I am writing this to you, the cliché “seeing is believing” surfaced in my mind and took on a whole new meaning.  Seeing in FAITH is believing!  Can you SEE what I’m saying?

When we turn to the Bible, David serves as a perfect example.  David was a shepherd boy that was anointed to be King.  His Kingship did not happen overnight, it was a process that took place over time.  But if David maintained the mentality of a shepherd boy he could never have become the great warrior we know him to be, let alone a King!  Do not get me wrong, I am not belittling his position as a sheep herder.  Have you ever considered that was God positioning David in leadership training while he was herding sheep?  He had to learn and master leadership qualities.  If he couldn’t manage animals, how could armies of men be entrusted to his charge.  He had to learn to care, lead, and manage!   That was his starting point.

As we are in the very early stages of a year that has limitless possibilities, I entreat you to start “seeing” your life, your future, your destiny with the spiritual eyes that God has given you.  Broaden your perspectives!  When you begin to change the environment of what you “see”, be wary of being controlled by your moods and emotions that will most assuredly create a seesaw effect.  

Remember the seesaws or teeter totters some enjoyed on playgrounds in our childhood?  Unless you were a master of balance, you experienced the extreme high or the rock bottom low.  When you begin to live your life through the spiritual eyes of God and what He has in store for you, it will require patience, faith, and wisdom.  You cannot be successful and realize the specific promises of God for you if one day you’re on the mountain top, and the next day you’re in a valley so low you and nobody else can pull you up.    In closing I want to share with you what God has given me.

Get a vision for your life (SEE IT) and what you plan to accomplish this year! Pray and ask God if your vision is in sync with His. WRITE THE VISION!  Writing things down helps to etch them in your mind.  Refer to it on a regular, if not daily basis. Consistently, daily WORK the vision.  Faith without works is dead. Surround yourself with people of vision and success.

You may need to disassociate yourself from people who lack vision and purpose. Seek out an accountability partner, someone who will push and encourage you in your pursuits. Some visions require timelines of accomplishment, and deadlines for completion.

You are never too young or too old to SEE and PURSUE the vision God has planned for your life!  Let’s take the limits OFF!!

Source: First Lady Denise