22 Sep 2016

Growing In Faith

“True faith is having trust and belief even when the outcome has not yet been proven.  That kind of faith can only be substantiated by our God.”

Faith is something we’re all born with to some degree or another. Even if you do not consider yourself a religious person our everyday lives are governed by faith.  When you stand up to walk you expect your legs to carry you from point A to point B.  If you take a seat on a chair you expect that chair to support you.  If you deposit your money into a bank or credit union, you expect to be able to make a withdrawal whenever you choose.  Each one of these scenarios require a certain amount of faith in the action you wish to take.  We don’t often think of faith in that manner, but in very basic terms those are perfect examples of faith.  

Dictionary.com describes faith as “unshakeable belief in something without proof or evidence”. Even though a chair is constructed for the purpose of sitting, there is no guarantee that no matter the age or the construction of the chair it does not have to support you every time you use it.  Just ask anyone who has attempted to sit in a chair and fell to the floor as the chair collapsed.

Each one of us has a certain degree of “faith” even if it is as the Bible describes “as a grain of mustard seed”.  If you have ever seen a mustard seed, you are aware that it is quite small!  In order for our faith to grow it must be nourished (fertilized if you will), exercised, and even challenged!  Unfortunately, faith cannot be bought, borrowed, nor achieved by wishful thinking!  

The word “faith” is by origin a noun, but when activated it becomes an action verb.  Faith can be likened to a muscle.  Every human being for the most part is born with the same amount of muscles throughout our bodies. However, the difference in each individual’s physique, body mass, strength, and overall health is determined by how much those muscles are exercised.  In order for our faith to be strong, and easily put into action it has to be used on a constant basis!   True faith is having trust and belief even when the outcome has not yet been proven.  That kind of faith can only be substantiated by our God.

I sincerely hope that the information you just read above has been thought provoking.   More importantly it is my prayer that your curiosity has been stirred about what you truly believe in and the level of your own personal faith.  Living a good, fulfilling life is at the core of every man and woman’s desires.  However, faith is paramount in seeing the evidence of everything God has created for your life.  It is vitally important that we learn how to build and maintain our faith so that we are capable of passing along what we’ve learned and are willing to share uplifting testimonies!

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DATE:  Saturday, October 8, 2016
TIME:  10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
LOCATION:  1200 Brentnell Avenue, The Chapel of The Church of Christ

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Source: First Lady Denise