04 Aug 2016

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

“What a difference we could make one person at a time, one comment at a time if we shared the kind and positive thoughts we have about others.”

Some of my more mature readers will probably recognize that line from Clint Eastwood in one of his most famous movies, “Dirty Harry”. Admittedly, I must say I am familiar with the saying but have never seen the movie! I have been pondering my thoughts for this week’s blog and suddenly the line from that movie popped in my head and became the title of this week’s blog.

I often think about how easily it is for us to let negative comments and opinions slip off our tongues without even a second thought. However shouldn’t it be just the opposite?  I think we should be more prone to say and share the positive and refrain or withhold the negative.

I would consider myself a friendly, caring person and have been told I have been that way since childhood.  But on the other hand I have also been known to be quiet and somewhat introverted around those I do not know very well.  At least until I accepted the call to ministry!  I must tell you a lot changed when I gave God that “YES”!  I’ve learned so much through experiences and also being taught by some of the wisest people I know.  One of those life lessons happened to be “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.  

That one statement spoke volumes and made it very clear that no matter how much education I received (biblical or otherwise), what truly matters is how much you care about others.  I never found it difficult at all to see the good and beauty in others but I did not always express what I saw.  I have found that with all the negativity and evil in the world today, a kind word or compliment goes a long, long way.  With the soon coming presidential election, it is unbelievable the things that are being said by politicians that are supposed to be role models and leaders within our government.  

There used to be a time that if negative comments were said by a public figure they were often recanted or smoothed over so as not to cause additional offense. No longer!  Not only are they openly stated but the person they came from belligerently refuses to back down or even modify their words!  Freedom of speech no longer has any moral or legal boundaries!  I am a firm believer that what comes out of a person’s mouth most often is a reflection of their true feelings.

What a difference we could make one person at a time, one comment at a time if we shared the kind and positive thoughts we have about others.  Even our thoughts of those who are only acquaintances or those we casually encounter throughout our daily activities.  “You look very nice”; “I love your shoes”; “You have beautiful skin”; “You have such a lovely family”; “Congratulations on your promotion”.   

Try it and see the faces light up and the smiles that will replace frowns!  Does it take any time out of your schedule to share a kind word – I think not!  Years ago I learned how important it is to do that; but sadly enough I often find that my words take people totally off guard because it is not something they expect to hear.  We have become so accustomed to hearing and dealing with negativity, or the mere fact that everyone is so busy no one really even takes the time to notice others.  You may not be able to change the world by yourself, but it is possible and highly probable that you can change and positively impact your surroundings.

1)      Endeavor to see the good in others.
2)      When you see it, say something good about it!
3)      Go ahead, make somebody’s day!
4)      The smiles you receive in return just might make YOUR day!

Source: First Lady Denise