20 Oct 2021

From Destiny To Legacy

On October 9, 2021 my husband, Timothy W. Carpenter, was bestowed a very prestigious honor from the Kingdom Image Arts organization, the Legacy Award. It was such an honor for him to be chosen as the recipient of this auspicious award for his contributions and accomplishments throughout his life in music and ministry. As much of our family, and friends from far and near gathered in Columbus, Ohio where the awards weekend was being held, it was so exciting and emotional to witness the grand occasion. Dressed in our formal, black-tie attire, we walked the red carpet, and mingled during the glamourous VIP pre-show reception! The person who was the most laid back, and unnoticeably quite uncomfortable with all the interviews, and photo shoots was the honoree! My husband is often very accurately described as being one of the most humble human beings you would ever meet. It is hard to understand, yet extremely admirable considering all he has accomplished in his lifetime. I am sure you can guess by now I consider myself very blessed to be the wife of this outstanding individual. When the moment finally arrived for him to be presented with this highly coveted award, a compilation of his achievements, and biographical resume was read, which was followed by a live mini concert of some of his well-known songs he had written, composed and/or arranged. What a night to remember! As he walked to the stage to accept the award, I could not help but give God glory for all He has done . . . truly this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

My husband’s acceptance speech, much like him, was very non-traditional, but was a vivid depiction of who he is, and what he values most in life. As he approached the microphone, he graciously thanked everyone for their applause and expressed the honor of receiving such an award. Then without hesitation he boldly called to the stage his children and me, which included our two biological daughters, our first granddaughter, and the “bonus children” God has blessed us with to complete our beautiful family. From that point on there was no reference of himself or any of his music or ministry endeavors – past or present. He chose to focus and highlight his family, his legacy, his future!

While preparing for this blog I happened to stumble across a quote from a message my husband preached a few months ago. I found it very befitting to share with you as food for thought. He stated, “if the enemy is successful in destroying your destiny, He will destroy your legacy.” I recognize more than ever that teaching and discussing the importance of destiny is so critically important in the lives of our young people, and those who comprise our circle of influence. From the time of our formative years to the age of accountability as we navigate our journey into and throughout adulthood, our focus must be directed toward our destiny. What have we been born to do, what impact are we supposed to make on the world and those in it, what is it that not only will bring fulfillment and benefit to our lives, but will also enhance the lives of those who have been placed in our charge? The older I get and the various levels of maturity I gain, I realize that my destiny has the power to affect the legacy of those who see something in me they can follow. When we become cognizant that there is a direct correlation between destiny and legacy, life and what we strive for will take on a greater level of significance. It is not only about us, but it is about what we can leave for those who follow in our footsteps. Not to duplicate what those who have gone before us have accomplished, but to be empowered and motivated to fulfill their own destiny, perpetuating a legacy that will live on.

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