04 Nov 2021

The Total Package

When we hear someone described as “the total package” we are prone to think as is described in common vernacular they really have it going on! They are usually good looking, physically fit, intelligent, successful, and very confident. So, if you are ever graced with that compliment, you should consider it a high honor! I believe God’s plan for each of us is to be that total package! Within the scope of that definition does not come perfection because we fully recognize the only “perfect one” is God! But what He does want is the absolute best for His children.

In just a few days, the Lord has led me to begin a new course for the next seven months entitled “A Better ME, A Better YOU, A Better WE. I am greatly anticipating what the Lord has in store, and although He has not revealed His plan for the next several months in totality, I know it is designed to have a tremendous impact on all those who will avail themselves to the opportunity to go on this personal journey. The foundation scripture for the course is found in I John 3: 2. The Apostle John is the writer of this epistle and makes clear His heartfelt desire for his faithful beloved friend the elder Gaius. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”. Gaius is thought to be a very prosperous man. Due to him being a man of means, he used his wealth to bless others and was known to be very hospitable. Yet, with all of his prosperity and good heartedness he was poor in health. Therefore, it was apparent that The Apostle John desired that his friend’s physical health would correspond with his spiritual and natural welfare. John wanted the total package for his beloved friend. He contradicted every suspicion that others challenged with their belief that all sickness is a result of sin!

I earnestly contend that this is exactly what God wants for us. And I further believe that as believers in Christ who commit to praying for one another, being accountable to each other, and striving together we can be BETTER! As we unite in love and genuine concern for each other we will rise from the level of just surviving to seeing and celebrating each other as we are thriving! The announcement we all hear before take off of any and every flight, that tells us in the event of an emergency and the loss of cabin pressure, you are to affix your oxygen mask, and then assist anyone else traveling with you or nearby passengers who may need assistance. The reasoning behind the announcement in true revelation far exceeds the simplicity of a flight instruction to every passenger. Clearly stated, we can be of no help to anyone else if we are not in a stable condition ourselves. It matters not if we achieve greatness and levels of success in this life that we so diligently strive for if we do not desire the same for others. What God has placed in us, how He has delivered us, and how our faith has changed the very trajectory of our lives should be the desire for our sisters and brothers. Neither should we become complacent nor satisfied with one area of our lives being well and satisfactorily in order – it’s time to reach for, strive to become that total package that God has designed just for YOU!

I cordially invite you, in fact I urge you to join us the second Saturday of each month beginning November 13th at 11:00 A.M. (EST) via zoom for a time of personal discovery, and a compelling journey to become “A Better ME, A Better YOU, A Better WE. Look for the link on our website at www.estherbydesign.org

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