14 Dec 2017

Everything We Could Want or Need…

The four Sundays leading up to Christmas are celebrated by many Christians as the season of Advent. It is a time when we honor the first coming of Jesus through His birth, and look with great expectation for His second coming. It is within these four Sundays that our attention is directed to examine the true source of our hope, peace, joy, and love. Although small, those four words are huge in the significance of their origination. Sadly, many people spend an entire lifetime in search one, two, and sometimes all four. The search would quickly cease if we simply trusted the fullness of the Savior’s plan of redemption.

Life has no meaning if it is void of hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for the future. God’s amazing sunrise and sunset has no relevance to a person who has nothing to hope for. When a life has no peace, it is full of worry and anxiety. Even one day of tranquility is difficult to find without real peace.

Oftentimes we mistake happiness for joy, unfortunately unable to accurately differentiate between the two. Happiness is fleeting and circumstantial at best. Joy that’s founded in Jesus is everlasting. And of course, the greatest of these is love. Because we were created in love, our souls will always yearn for true love. Even when love is discovered in another human being, without the love of the Father, that deep need will never be fulfilled.

Only in Christ Jesus will every need be met, every desire satisfied, and every yearning fulfilled. During this blessed Christmas season, let us take time in all of our getting and giving, to be thankful for the One who was born to fulfill our every need, and grant us the abundance of life in Him.

“The hope we have in Jesus Christ Brings joy into our heart; And when we know the love of God, His peace He will impart.” —Sper

Source: First Lady Denise