13 Aug 2020

Divide and Conquer, Unite and Build

In the past seven to eight years we have seen on a steady decline in the principles and constitutional rights this country was built upon. The leadership under our current president lacks basic moral standards and genuine overall concern for the people of the United States. It was once an office of high achievement we could point our children and young people to look at and strive for, now it has become one we shudder at the thought of the present example and direct them to look away from! When one thinks of and anticipates progress, in most instances you look toward positive progress. The current situation the citizens of this country find themselves in is rapidly advancing, but progressively worse!

I began to think about the tactic commonly referred to as “divide and conquer”. Although I do not recall our current leadership ever verbally using that term, I have begun to wonder if that strategy was organized from day one. The definition of divide and conquer is described as effectuating a plan to win by getting one’s opponents to fight among themselves. Divide and conquer is a strategy used by “elites” (often understood as “the oppressors”) to break down the relationships and unity between subjugated (often racial) groups struggling for justice, freedom, and liberation, in order to maintain the status quo. Tactics such as threats to withdraw resources and/or services needed for basic necessities of life lead individuals or groups being less likely to take risks needed in their pursuit of justice, liberty, and economic equality. As I began to look deeper into why divide and conquer fell so heavily in my heart and in my spirit, my thoughts went to the recent news that Kanye West has thrown his hat into the presidential race at the eleventh hour as the election is less than 90 days away. We have to be wise enough to understand that there is more to this preposterous act than his “knee jerk” decision to run for the presidency of the United States. Someone or something diabolical is fueling this plan. Something so outrageous that it is destined to divide this country even more than we see and experience now.

The Bible gives us a perfect example that represents the alternative to the tactic of divide and conquer. We find that example in the book of Nehemiah, one of Israel’s great leaders. Nehemiah took the challenge and faced unimaginable risks to unite His people to rebuild. First order of business was to unite the people for the task at hand! Jerusalem’s walls had been torn down and in order for the city to survive the wall had to be built again! The purpose of the wall was to establish the well-being and safety of the people. The Jewish nation was excited when hearing the plan of action from Nehemiah that had come directly from the Lord. However, there was no shortage of opposition from outside forces, their enemies. But Nehemiah and the people of God were not intimidated because they knew they could stand on the promises of their God. They were united! So much of the Bible is prophetic and is literally unfolding before our very eyes today. The topic of the current president’s promise to build a wall to keep people from Mexico from entering our country appears to be at the bottom of his “to do” list right now. I assume because he has bigger fish to fry and more critical problems to face with the pandemic, civil unrest, and the upcoming election. But the fact remains that was one of his top agenda items during his campaign and the early stages of his presidency. But the purpose of that wall was for all the wrong reasons! Could it be that this is the reason it remains incomplete to this very day after several years?

How do we combat division and establish unity? It begins with understanding the source of division. Satan is the author and originator of division because of his disdain for God’s people. If he can get us to disrespect and disregard our fellow man, that is the beginning of the disintegration of God’s love that should rest, rule, and abide in our hearts. His goal is to interject envy, strife, racial and personal supremacy that will not only build a wall of separation, but it will ultimately result in hatred. There must be a common goal for the betterment of all people. The Bible says in Psalm 133 (paraphrasing), that when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity, He will command a blessing, even life forever. That is a promise from the Lord. Someone may attempt to refute that by saying that everyone is not my brother or sister, this pertains to Christians or only those who believe in God. I challenge you to think that the Creator, God the Father created everyone equal. No special rankings or hierarchy was a part of His initial plan. No color barriers, no intellectual superiority, or racial dominance. All one creation, all His people, created to do His will.

What path will you pursue? I have been saying it for months now and continue to say it — there is a “movement” going on in this country whether you choose to join one or not! So, I urge you to consider will you be a part of the movement that divides and conquers or the one that unites and builds?

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