20 Aug 2020

A Family Prayer

Approximately six months ago life as we knew it changed, and for all intents and purposes it will forever be different than what we once knew. We made it through the summer, with most vacations cancelled, public pools and amusement park visits for the most part were unavailable. Yet, we made it through! We kept our children entertained and safe by the grace and help of God. Now as summer draws to a close, it is time for our children to return to school. What that looks like even at this present date, holds so much uncertainty from our pre-schoolers to our college students. Trying to comprehend what lies ahead and even grappling with what decision to make concerning your child’s education, but most importantly their safety is a daunting task. So, what do we do? Just like every other dilemma we are faced with in our lives . . . we seek wisdom and direction from God. God directed me to write a prayer that I hope will be a blessing to you now and in the coming days ahead as you strive to do what is best and make the wisest decisions concerning your precious family.

Father in the name of Jesus, I want to thank you for my child/children for as your Word says children are a heritage of the Lord and they are precious gifts. I humbly ask you to guide me as I guide them now in their childhood into the life you choose for them as adults.

Lord I pray that your angels of protection will follow them every day when they are with me and when they are out of my care. Help me, as well as others that will come into their lives to be role models of the Godly person you desire them to be. When faced with hard choices that will come their way always let them choose the way of honesty and integrity. When they make mistakes, I ask for forgiveness on their behalf. I further pray that they will always accept your grace and mercy which comes with your forgiveness. Let them never be damaged by their own negative criticism or that of any other individual. I come against the oppression of low self-esteem, and may they know deep within their souls that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by YOU and created in YOUR image! I promise to stand boldly in the face of Satan, declaring that he has no authority or control over the life of my child.

I recognize that I cannot shield and protect them from everything life will present. I ask that you will be and do what is beyond my capability. Keep their bodies and their minds strong, healthy, and free of diseases. Enable me to properly take care of my body, mind, and spirit that I may be the best example for my child.

Lord help me to teach my child/children to love and respect others and to demonstrate the golden rule – to treat others as they treat themselves. Create in them a pure heart O Lord; and at Your appointed time bring them into Your marvelous plan of personal salvation. Grant them the faith to trust You in all things; the joy of living for You and serving others; and an unquenchable desire to worship and praise You in all they do. As I pray daily for them, allow me to transfer the spirit of prayer that will always keep them in the presence of your Holy Spirit.

In the Matchless Name of Jesus,