06 Jan 2016

Create Your Own Cocoon

Happy and Blessed New Year to you all!  It’s good to be back with you in this New Year and I am excited about God’s plan for each of us as it is revealed as each day unfolds!

My youngest daughter and her husband have a dog whose name is Boston.  He’s a cute, affectionate little guy and we have enjoyed him as a member of our family.  In fact her Daddy and I gave him to her as a gift when she graduated from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.  He was only six weeks old at the time.  We’re a family of pet lovers and are easily amused by the funny things they do.  Boston has a very interesting habit when he’s ready to go to sleep every night.  

As humans we enjoy the luxury and comfort of being tucked in at night.  For many it’s a very important part of our bedtime routine from the time we’re born when we’re swaddled and cuddled to transition into that peaceful time of sleep.  Well when Boston is ready to retire for the night he doesn’t wait for anyone to tuck him in.  He climbs into his bed and goes into this process of “cocooning” himself with his covers until he is completely covered.  He’s so good at his unique cocoon process that if you don’t see him get started when he’s finished you have no idea there’s anything in this heap of blankets!

I began to think about the purpose of a cocoon that we are most familiar with in the insect species.  A cocoon is a protective covering for insects while they mature and develop into what they were created to be.  I uncovered a lesson in all of this!  There is a purpose for which each of us has been created.  Throughout our development we will face many challenges, dangers, toils and snares  — not trying to be “clicheish” but the lyrics to that famous song just really fit!  

In order to protect ourselves it’s important that we engulf OURSELVES in a cocoon for our own preservation and protection.  Instead of waiting and expecting someone to cover us, pray for us, and protect us, why not do what we know to do?!  What better method of “covering” ourselves than with the Word of God, prayer, and worship!  These all have proven track records of withstanding and prevailing against anything that the enemy can dish out for our demise. More importantly whatever development is going on inside that cocoon is hidden from the enemy.   Once God’s beautiful creation is revealed the result is all to His glory!