01 Jun 2016

You Have What Someone Needs

“Your worship has the ability to touch those around you.”

The past several days have been filled with a lot of challenges and unexpected occurrences.  As I was driving to Sunday morning worship service, I was thinking to myself “wow, I sure would love to see my ladies dance in service this morning”.  As I entered the sanctuary I immediately followed my normal custom of going to the altar and asked God to have His complete way in the service.  As I sat waiting for the start of service, who did I see walk so beautifully down the aisle . . . none other than The Freedom Movement, our dance team!  My heart skipped a beat with excitement as I thanked God for answering my heart’s desire.   He didn’t stop there, they ministered two of my favorite songs and needless to say it took me no time at all to enter into high worship!

Yes I am a pastor, an author, preacher / teacher, an international ministry leader, a visionary; and of course wife, mother, grandmother, etc.  Some people think that anyone carrying all those titles is exempt from problems and nothing ever really gets to them. Unfortunately there are some persons with those titles that want you to think just that; that they live a near perfect life, and for all intents and purposes they are “super human”.  Well let me assure you, you’ll never get that from me.  

Although I am spirit filled, I am very much human and not exempt from some of the same issues most people experience.  The truth of the matter is I needed the level of worship that I knew our dance ministers could and would bring.  Being a former dance minister myself, it is my declaration that no matter what the situation is, it will never stop my worship!   Yet, I was in need of my spirit and my worship connecting with those that I knew would hold nothing back.   They didn’t disappoint me, and I sure didn’t disappoint God!

What I want you to get from this blog is that your worship is vitally important for three reasons:

1)      You owe it to God!
2)      Your worship is like a boomerang  —  when you give it God, it in turn    blesses you  –  it uplifts you, it brings blessing upon you, and it frees you!
3)       This last one is what happened to me on Sunday.  It was the worship of those dancers that lifted my spirit at a time when I truly needed it. Your worship has the ability to touch those around you.

Can you imagine what it would be like if our worship was so intense that it became contagious to everyone around us?

You never know what you’re carrying or what is in you that someone else is in need of.  That is why we should pray earnestly to live a life of selflessness.  Sometimes we underestimate our ability to “give”.  I believe that we think of giving most often in a materialistic sense. True enough oftentimes people are in need of money or tangible gifts, but many times they need a hug, a prayer, a word of encouragement, a listening ear.  

On Sunday, I needed someone’s unrestrained worship! That worship satisfied every need and covered every issue, and filled every gap.  All I wanted was to get into God’s presence and those around me to do the same.  At the end of service I made it my business to personally thank them, but I took it a step further and later sent them a note telling them how much their worship meant to me.   I leave you with this question . . . what are you withholding that someone around you is in need of?

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