04 May 2017

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Several years ago, in one of my Esther’s Academy classes, I was addressing the subject of staying true to who we are, and fulfilling our God given destiny.  Toward the end of the lesson, I introduced a great psychologist by the name of Dr. Abraham Maslow.  Dr. Maslow coined the term, “The Jonah Complex”.  You may be a step ahead of me in guessing that it had its origin from Jonah, the prophet in the Bible that found himself trapped in the belly of the whale. 

For most of us, our first introduction of this fascinating story was likely in Sunday School.  However, if we look deeper we can probably learn something about ourselves through Jonah’s dangerous exploit.  His exploit was not only dangerous because He could have died in the belly of the whale; but more importantly Jonah knew and heard the voice of God but blatantly chose to disobey and go his own way.

When you have been chosen by God and given a specific assignment, be well assured it is for a reason.  First and foremost, it is to give God glory, but in the process God wants you to understand that greatness lies within you.  If He trusts you enough to choose you to carry out an assignment, then He will equip you with everything that is needed to do just that. 

Dr. Abraham Maslow describes “The Jonah Complex” as the fear of greatness, and the evasion of one’s own destiny.  In many cases, we can actually be guilty of sabotaging our own dreams, that ultimately destroy self-actualization.  It is a tragedy when one never comes to the realization of their true self!   The excuses one concocts are varied and numerous.  There is the fear of being perceived as arrogant; the fear of feeling that an extraordinary life is undeserved; the fear of the weight and responsibility that accompanies success.  If you notice all the excuses are based upon fear;  however, the Word of God refutes that mentality by telling us “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”.” (II Timothy 1:7)  Therefore if it is fear that is stopping you, you must know that is not coming from God.

Jonah was called and commissioned by God to travel to the city of Nineveh to warn the people that God was displeased with their evil lifestyle and that if they did not repent they would face judgement.  Unfortunately, Jonah chose not to fulfill the assignment largely because he didn’t like the people he was being sent to.  Jonah’s assignment was to deliver a message to a city that if they heeded the warning, it would save their lives.  

God does not particularly care about our opinion regarding the assignment He’s given.  We would do well to understand that He is God and He knows what is best for us.  We may not see it initially but it will work in our favor in the end.  Your assignment may not be to deliver a message of warning, but how you fulfill the call on your life could very well result in someone accepting God’s plan of salvation.  Had Jonah been obedient to God’s voice from the beginning He would never have found himself inside the whale!  It was only because He went to the city of Tarshish, which was the opposite direction of Nineveh, that he nearly died.  Obedience is better than sacrifice, wouldn’t you agree?  Jonah ran, but he could not hide from God! 

What part of your destiny are you running from?  What “call” are you avoiding?  Your comfort zone of mediocrity is not what God planned for you.  Are you wondering why you can’t seem to find true happiness?  Do you find yourself sometimes looking around and wondering is this all there is to life?  It is time to stop evading your own capabilities and capacities, and start exploring all the possibilities that were created within you!

Source: First Lady Denise