17 Feb 2016

You ARE His Marvelous Work

There were many years spent in my life as a victim of “low” or “no” self-esteem.  If it was not for the grace of God although I am now healed of that debilitating condition, I would be spending the rest of my life beating myself up for succumbing to such a rotten trick of the devil.  Instead I choose not to waste another minute giving him the satisfaction of defeat when it comes to my life.

During those painful years I did not see my self-worth, let alone see myself as a gift to anyone.  But in order for me to change the way I looked at myself, I had to first gain an understanding of my Creator and His creation – Me!  God didn’t have to form us and breathe the breath of life into us as Genesis so vividly states.  Since He saw fit to create us differently than any of His other creations, the mere fact that He gave us life is His gift to us.  But He didn’t stop there, Psalm 139: 14 states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (by Him) and marvelous are His works. When I was finally delivered from my low life mentally concerning myself, I was thrilled to know that I am the marvelous works the Word speaks about!  

Verse 17 of the same Psalm then goes on to talk about how precious God’s thoughts are about us!  God didn’t just make something and walk away from it, He deemed it marvelous and we are precious to Him every time He thinks about us!  This Psalm is subtitled “Search Me, O God”.  David the author of this psalm writes very specifically about our God who not only created us, He knows us, and searches us.  Why would a creator want to know everything about His creation, search that creation through and through, and not have a purpose for it?

During all those years, I was hiding from God because I did not know enough about the Master and creator of All; therefore I could not possibly understand who I was!   I only saw all the imperfections, what I evaluated to be the sub-standard quality, and my inabilities.  But what He saw was exactly what He created — something FEARFUL (a sense of awe), WONDERFUL, AND MARVELOUS!  He could not stop thinking about me, and so He pursued me!

Please don’t miss next week, when I tell you about the GIFT that you are!