02 Nov 2017

What’s Your Limit?

While my husband and I were vacationing in Lanzarote, Spain we went to an outdoor flea market.  It was quite an interesting adventure and of course we found items we just could not leave without!  One particular item was a beautiful fine leather duffel bag that immediately captured my husband’s attention.  When he inquired about the cost, he felt it was overpriced.  As we walked away the gentleman called out to us to come back and give him a figure that my husband would pay. 

Well the back and forth exchange continued for a few minutes, until it was obvious they had frustrated each other.  The seller had his price that he wanted to get for the bag, and my husband had his price that he did not want to exceed.  It finally came down to just how bad my husband wanted the item.  There was no doubt that the leather was highly distinctive and the craftmanship was superior.   My husband ultimately paid for the bag at a price that both seller and purchaser agreed upon.

I think back on that experience and see how it mirrors our relationship with Christ.  We say how much we value the relationship; and we acknowledge how we can do nothing without Him.  We sing praises to His name, reverence Him in worship, and express our longing to be in His presence.  But then when it seems like He’s asking too much of us, we put the brakes on.  Sometimes we even walk away as if to indicate we’ve encountered a deal breaker.  The problem is, if we’re really “sold out” to God there’s no bargaining involved.  Of course, our human frailty wants to take the liberty to decide when we have reached our limit.  But does it not stand to reason that the one who made us is the one to make that determination?

The fact is that God knows the purpose for which He has created us and what it is going to take to fulfill that purpose.  There are lessons to be learned and mistakes to be made throughout the process.  There are risks to be taken that will stretch the limits of faith beyond our comfortability.  Truth be told, the price may seem like it is higher than you can afford.  However, in reality what you cannot afford is to walk away from the opportunity that only God has presented you with.  Do you always readily see the full benefit you will receive?  Of course not.  The fact that God has placed such immeasurable value in you, no price was too high to pay for you!   So, what’s your limit?

Source: First Lady Denise