14 Jun 2018

What’s In A Number?

This blog is monumental to me as it marks the achievement of God enabling me to write 200 blogs! I really began thinking about the magnitude of this when I wrote blog # 198. The origin of the blog was a result of me completing a 21-day Personal Spiritual Rehabilitation devotional that evolved from a message I preached at my church. Taking a large group of people through a daily devotion for 21 days was “huge” to me. I expected a few persons from our congregation to go on the journey with me, but much to my surprise the news spread like wildfire and before I knew it, people from as far away as Europe were joining the group!

I take very seriously any assignment that God entrusts me with especially when it involves leading or guiding people. Eventually that 21-day devotional turned into my first complete book which is now reaching people far and wide that I possibly may never connect with. The fact of the matter is that I started small without concern of how many this assignment would touch. I have come to learn that my weekly blogs far exceed the database that I can actually see. People wait for it weekly and then forward it to their own group of family and friends. I believe that God’s expectation of me was to just do what He had equipped me to do then He would handle the rest. Did I automatically feel that I was qualified to do it, absolutely not! I just started writing, and just kept going.

The biblical meaning of the number 10 references completeness in divine order. Any subsequent multiples of the number 10, reiterate that divine order of completion. Therefore, with every 10 blogs I wrote, God honored my obedience and placed His stamp of approval upon what I had completed which was my assignment according to His divine order. Were there times that I felt I had nothing notable to share . . . of course there were!! Were there times I wanted to stop (at blog #25, 50, 100) and hear Him say “Well done” . . . of course there were!! But because I continue to feel His gentle nudge which has miraculously been accompanied with a word, a call, an email, or a text from someone saying how the blog that week blessed them, I knew I had to keep going.

Since the time I began to further my education and training in ministry, it was engrained in me that you are never to be concerned about numbers from the standpoint of how many people you minister to at any one time. I was taught that you minister with as much fervor and diligence to 5 as you do to 500. I never had a problem with that. In fact, when teaching and preaching, to small numbers it gives the opportunity to share in a much more intimate way that cannot be accomplished with large numbers. What I have come to understand is that we do not need to be concerned about numbers because God is in charge of that.

If we simply follow His lead, allowing Him to direct us; He has the duration of time for a particular assignment; He has the audience specifically prepared in which we are to share (even when they don’t know it); and He even has the context and amount of content He wants us to deliver. Do I know if there will be another 200 blogs in my future? That easy answer is NO! What I do know is that I will continue moving forward, seizing every opportunity to impact lives while fulfilling the will of God for my life. If it is just that 1 thing, that is required of you that 1 time, do not pass the opportunity to DO IT! What’s in a number . . . God has the answer!

Source: First Lady Denise