30 Jul 2020

What Would You Do?

There is a television show that is in the summer rotation of programming called “What Would You Do?” I try to watch whenever my schedule permits because it is more than just entertainment, it really causes you to think! There are several individual segments where actors are staged in public places, using hidden cameras, and create scenarios that prove to be controversial and sometimes alarming. Sometimes the scenes are staged in restaurants, other times on public streets or parks. I have been very intrigued to see how some people often get involved right away, while others choose to stand as “innocent bystanders” minding their own business rather than speaking up for what is right.

As I said, watching this program always pushes me past the level of entertainment, and I often insert myself into the situation and do some soul searching and ask WHAT WOULD I DO? Of course, some of my principles come from a different perspective because I am a Christian. But what about upholding the morals and standards of ordinary respect and concern for another human life? The world we are living in today is unlike any other time we have seen in history. Biblical prophecy is manifesting as reality before our very eyes. What we have read about in the scriptures is now unfolding in real life. As I believe our journey through life is a constant learning curve, the past several months have been a fast track, whirlwind of things I could have never anticipated I would live through. Have I personally been involved in all of them, thankfully I can answer, no. Yet, I have discovered that it behooves us to place ourselves involuntarily in situations that require us to make those difficult, on the spot decisions on the behalf of others.

One of the scenarios in a recent episode involves a woman and young child entering a small restaurant to have a meal. One of the actor’s remarks about how adorable the woman’s “daughter” is, and the woman explains that this is not her daughter, but she is temporarily taking care of her as she is an illegal immigrant. The child was old enough to understand the conversation and opinions of the people who spoke up and I was appalled at some of the comments! One person said that if the woman just wanted to help children there were plenty of American children that were in need of good foster or adoptive homes, and this child should not be her concern nor her problem! Others spoke up and said a child in need no matter what ethnic background is a child in need, and they commended the woman for her huge heart!

Another scenario was about a teenage girl with down syndrome who overhears a group of girls discussing their plans to join a sorority. She approaches them to express her interest in joining also and to get more information, but they blatantly tell her that she wouldn’t be able to join because she’s “different”. As you would imagine the onlookers jumped in with a myriad of personal opinions that they had no qualms about voicing. But one kind couple steps up to the defense of the girl with down syndrome and then proceeds to tell the group of girls how unkind and insensitive they are.

Okay, one last scenario! A homeless man walks up to the counter at a diner and asks for a hot cup of coffee and is refused after he says he has no money to pay for it! A young woman hears the exchange and immediately offers to not only buy him a cup of coffee but something to eat as well. The manager comes out to address the situation and tells the good Samaritan not to buy the homeless man anything because it will only prompt him to continue to come back to the restaurant looking for freebies! He is also afraid this kind of activity will deter other customers. Needless to say, my heartstrings were pulled to the max just watching this unfold on television!!

I believe we are faced with scenarios and situations that God intentionally desires our core beliefs and pure fundamentals as Christians to stand tall and firm. When faced with these encounters, public or private, God is watching to see how we are going to handle them, if at all! In the television show I referenced, the producers want to see how ordinary people are going to respond, but for anyone who bears the label of a Christian, in real life it is most important what God sees. Most recently the national news was buzzing when a white woman walking her “unleashed” dog in Central Park called the police on an African American man who was bird watching. He told the woman the dog needed to be on a leash, and they proceeded to exchange words. The man never approached her or her dog, but she decided to call the police and tell them she was being threatened! Long story short, she inaccurately reported the situation to the police and blew the entire situation out of proportion. She later publicly apologized, but the incident resulted in her being fired from her job due to all the publicity that ensued. Bottom line . . . the man accused did not press charges and chose to drop the whole matter! Perfect situation to insert yourself and ask the question . . . WHAT WOULD YOU DO?