20 Feb 2020

What To Do When Life Hits Hard

As I am writing today’s blog, the sun is shining brightly and since we haven’t had much of it this winter, it is a most welcome sign. From the inside looking out it gives me a warm feeling of expectation and even though everything may not be perfect it’s easy to think bright thoughts! But what happens when the sun is shining, but life in general seems dark? What happens when the pressures and vicissitudes of life hit hard? Oftentimes the first reaction is to retreat – isolate ourselves, go into a shell, hoping that if we don’t address it, mystically it will fade away. Well, unfortunately in most cases those hard hits of life will not just die for lack of attention.

I want to encourage you with some ways in which to “look” at the situation to help you get through it. It has been said and it is true “trouble don’t last always” and to add to that, you can find hope in the words of Psalms 30: 5 “ . . . weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”. I cannot promise you that it will be tomorrow morning or give you the day nor the time that joy will come, but there is a brighter day ahead!

Until the brighter day comes, until you can honestly say you feel joy again, let me help you to “look” at the situation.

Look at the situation to see if it is indeed as bad as you think. If may require that you wait a day or two, take a little time to settle down so that you can see clearly and objectively.

Look to God for the answer(s) and resolution. You may not hear His voice audibly but be open to see God in various ways.

Look for the silver lining, which we know could only come through God and our faith in Him. God wants only the best for His children.

Look past the current circumstance and look forward to what is next in your future. Remember IT’S not over until God says IT’S over. What ever that IT is, know that nothing happens without God’s permission.

Look back at what God has brought you through and all the blessings that have already taken place in your life. Think back as far as you can, I promise you’ll lose count!! I frequently tell myself “if He did it before He can/will do it again!”

Look inside yourself. Regardless of how bad things seem now, look at your positive qualities and celebrate you! Make a vow to yourself and God to do what is necessary to improve and correct the negatives.

Even in the darkest of times of life, it is the light of life and love that will penetrate the darkness. I leave you with the words of Maya Angelou . . .

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

Source: First Lady Denise