07 Jul 2016

What Makes Up the Big Picture

“What we do while we are here on earth is what God is counting as righteousness.”

In today’s society we are encouraged to “dream big”, make big plans, see the big picture.  There is so much emphasis on BIG, the size of what you accomplish, and the size of what you have.  When that becomes the driving factor we easily lose sight of the little things that matter and really count.

Today I visited someone that had been on my heart (actually is very dear to my heart) that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  With the busyness of life and all my responsibilities, I was long overdue for a visit with someone I hold dear.  So I determined although it was late in the day, I would not let the sun go down on another day without paying her a visit.  When I arrived at the facility where she resides I didn’t know if it would be too late in the day because I could not reach her to inquire if it was a convenient time to come.  So I knocked on her door and instantly I knew I had made the right decision for both of us!  

I normally go with a gift but if I had stopped to purchase something it would have made my arrival even later. So against my “home training” and personal prerequisites I was determined to get there.  I quickly realized it wasn’t what I brought or didn’t bring, it was the fact that I was there!  When I walked through the door she held me so tight, and must have told me 10 times during my stay how happy she was to see me and how much she had missed me.  The feeling was mutual.

It’s wonderful to have great aspirations and to see those aspirations become major accomplishments.  However it is the little things along the way that most often involve doing something for others that catapult us into genuine greatness!  I understand full well that great achievements require focus, determination, sacrifice and so much more.  But I also recognize that we can become so engrossed in achieving that we become self-absorbed and totally consumed in only what directly concerns us and will benefit us.  

I encourage you to take an in depth look at what your big picture is, and then see how little things that you should be devoting time and attention to can easily contribute to and enhance your life.  The fact of the matter is I have had some major ministry decisions to make over the past few days and in order to make them I had to first and foremost seek the mind of God, and then secondly seek wise counsel.  After doing so, God was faithful (as He always is), and I reached the necessary conclusions.  There still remains much to be done to move forward in what has been decided, but it was this evening’s visit with a precious soul that really put everything into perspective.  Believe it or not, it brought clarity and reaffirmed what my purpose truly is!

What’s it all really for if my life does not touch the life of another? One life at a time, one day at a time, one soul at a time.  After all when this life is over we can take nothing that we achieve with us not even reputation or fame.  So what we do while we are here on earth is what God is counting as righteousness.

Source: First Lady Denise