05 Nov 2020

What Lies Beneath

As I am writing this blog, I am watching the pending outcome of the election as a result of the tabulations that are unfolding and being reported on every major network in this country. 

When the race for the presidential election began there were well over 20 potential candidates, but the race boiled down to two.  For months we have heard speeches about their individual platforms, laced with their political party affiliation and loyalty.  They pledged to transform the country, while recreating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.  As we listened, the goal was  to formulate our personal opinion to ultimately reach a decision in order to make our voice heard by casting our vote for the incumbent or candidate who will run our country for the next four years.  The truth of the matter is regardless of what comes out of a person’s mouth there are always underlying motives and intentions that are unspoken.  Those reasons that are the root of where their ideologies originated are rarely totally revealed.  What is on the inside that projects what is spoken and displayed on the outside?  What lies beneath?  One can only interpret and attempt to decipher that which you see and hear.  We must recognize that we will never fully know a person’s motives and intended manipulations.  Regardless of who will be our president after this election, it is the coming weeks and months that will reveal the sincerity and authenticity of the rhetoric we have heard for the past eighteen months.  It will soon be revealed if what we have heard has truly been about the pursuit of the good for the American people, or solely for the stability and advancement of the persons who have dominated our attention.  As American citizens we have watched divisiveness prevail, in addition to moral and social decline,  injustice and inequality, escalating racial tension and unrest, and the lack of a uniformed plan to address the global pandemic. 

I believe that God will soon uncover many of the mysteries, skeletons, and suspicions that have surrounded so many officials who occupy the public sector.  What will be exposed will bring revelation, even if not complete clarity to many of the questions that have plagued us for the past four years.  Although we are living in a time like we have never seen before, it does not negate God’s sovereignty and omnipotence.  What is happening is all part of God’s master plan and for that reason it shall be affirmed that He is very much in control.  The world is full of signs that evidence these are the end times that have been spoken about in the word of God.  The individual that will fulfill the role of president of the United States will be a key figure in the realization of God’s ultimate plan.  The outcome of this election obviously will not be to the satisfaction of every American.  There will be a winner, and there will be a loser, but more importantly we must move past the final decision and begin to focus on what lies ahead.  Each of us has not only the opportunity, but the responsibility to continue to make our voices heard to effectuate change, represent God’s Kingdom, and complete our purpose here on earth.  What lies beneath may be unalterable,  but what lies ahead according to God’s plan is inevitable.