10 Dec 2020

What Is He Waiting For?

Nearly ten months ago our nation fell into the grips of a deadly virus that created a worldwide pandemic. As much as it pains me some days to listen to the daily reports of new cases and worse yet, new deaths as a result of COVID 19, it is our reality. I have come to feel as if we are in a perpetual state of waiting. The ultimate wait is focused on the question, when will this be over? Unfortunately, no one but God has that answer.

Life goes on for the majority of us daily, and for that we should be extremely grateful. However, to some degree it seems as if we are in a holding pattern. So much has changed throughout this unprecedented year of 2020. As long as we live, we will never forget what we have experienced. We made it through the Spring and Summer making the necessary adjustments albeit grudgingly at times. But now as Fall is evolving into Winter, we are forced to spend more time inside, while the daily routines of school and work are back in rotation. Even though we are making great strides to function with some semblance of normalcy and regularity, we wait. The lists of what we wait for is too numerous to name conclusively, but I will share just a few. We wait for when we can gather with family and friends, now more than ever as the holidays are upon us. We wait for when we can safely enjoy pleasurable activities such as dining out, shopping, and going to the movie theater. We wait for when we can enter a store without being counted or stand in lines “waiting” to enter. We wait for when we can worship without restrictions in our churches. We wait for when we can travel by whatever mode we choose to enjoy a getaway or much desired vacation. We wait for when our children can return to school and remote learning / teaching will cease. We wait for a safe vaccine to be distributed to everyone who wants and needs it. We wait . . . I know you can create your own list of waits that extends far beyond what you just read.

As I pray to the Lord, and daily lay my lists of petitions before Him, it struck me to ask a startling question. Lord, what are you waiting for from me? As difficult as it is for me especially as the days turned to weeks, and the weeks have now turned to months, I found myself wondering what is God saying about me/us in all of this. I have not once blamed God or become embittered about this whole thing because I know He did not unleash this horrible virus. I remain steadfast in my belief that God and God alone is in control and when He determines that it will come to an end, that is precisely what will happen. But what is He waiting for? Is it something that He is requiring of us that we are missing? Are we too focused on ourselves and not others who we can serve or assist that are in worse circumstances than we are? Are we doing more complaining than praying? Has our level of worship waned to become stagnant because what we were comfortable with as our norm is no longer? Did we once testify of the joy of the Lord being our strength, but now that strength has turned to weakness, and we simply go through the motions lethargically? Is this a test to force us to make personal changes that we have been too tunnel visioned or preoccupied to see? It has been my belief for many years now that everything in life we experience is for purpose and for us to learn something to become better! I am beginning to understand that as much as we are waiting on God, He is waiting on us! You may raise the question, why or how would God possibly be waiting on us? I propose that you take the time to carefully and honestly answer each of the aforementioned questions and even others than may be circulating in your mind as a result of reading this blog. We were created in the image of God, and those of us who profess to be Christians and disciples of Christ must live a life of responsibility and accountability. It is my belief before the second coming of our Savior there is still a lot of work to be done on this earth. Could it be that God is giving us the opportunity by removing many of our comfort zones so that the work can be accomplished? It is time to work while you wait!