01 Nov 2018

What Do You Give The One Who Has Everything?

So much of our family has birthdays that happen to fall in the months of October and November. Needless to say, the budget takes a hard hit from October through December due to birthdays and holidays. But none the less, it is a very special time of the year. I was raised to acknowledge and make a big deal out of birthdays because it is the perfect time to show someone how much they are loved! I think everyone needs to feel loved even when it is impossible to demonstrate that in a tangible way.

I try to do my very best when choosing presents for someone to give something I know they would enjoy and something I feel like I would appreciate if it were given to me. I admit I have matured to that way of thinking because I used to give things that I thought were needed. But oftentimes a person just wants to be indulged by receiving something special even though they may actually need something else. You’re probably wondering where this is going — well there is a method to my “madness” – just hang with me! That was another of my Mom’s favorite sayings!

I have come to learn that when something is repeated or said more than once in a short span of time, there is purpose in it and a reason where I’m hearing it more than once. A few days ago, my daughter Molly and I were talking after Sunday service and she mentioned that now more than ever she is determined to give God everything — 100% of herself — all that she is and has.

She said that heretofore she had many times held back especially when it came to her worship for example, because she didn’t want to look like she was “doing the most”. However, she said it’s “time out” for being concerned about what she looks like and what others opinion is. She’s giving 100% to God because He and He alone deserves it! Her words were literally blaring in my ear because less than thirty minutes prior, I had received a text from someone talking about the awesomeness of God, and that He is 100% faithful! As if that wasn’t clear enough, the next morning Molly and I read a post on Facebook from a mutual friend that said its time to stop making excuses – we must give God 100%! My husband always says God has one voice! I have found that to be true repeatedly. When He wants to emphasize something that is vitally important to your life and wants it etched in your heart and your mind, God finds a way to repeat Himself in the most unusual ways.

If we care about our loved ones and special people in our lives to give them the best gifts that we can afford, then would it make sense to give our God anything less? We cannot give God anything material or tangible (outside of our tithes and offerings), but what we can give Him is the very best of ourselves — 100% of us! Instead of holding back because we don’t feel good enough or insufficient, we must give Him what He has asked for in His Word. We were created to worship Him! Our worship unto God extends much farther than what we do within the walls of our weekly worship location. Everything we do, all that we endeavor to accomplish, even our thoughts are to be offered as acts of worship unto Him! Yes, your God has everything, but what He desires most is 100% of YOU!

Source: First Lady Denise