30 Sep 2015

Use Your Senses

It seems everywhere I turn and so many people I talk to are in situations that require major decisions.  The reactions and responses I hear widely vary depending upon the person and the circumstance.  I began to think about how our Creator has so adequately equipped us for every situation that life sends our way.  Of course the Bible is our manual for life that is there to guide us.  However in His infinite wisdom He has also created us with five senses that we can tap into naturally as well as spiritually.

Our five senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  As strange as it may seem these senses are as important to use in the spiritual realm as in the natural realm.  When we learn and strive to tap into that which is already in us God promises that we will get a positive result.  In fact it will be far more effective than seeking the answers from people and things that most often don’t have the solutions we need anyway.  It baffles me to hear people agonizing over the same problems they have been struggling with for years, sometimes throughout the majority of their lives.  But instead of making changes to achieve a better outcome, they continue to “stew” over the problem asking people “why”!  When you think about it, it’s unfair to ask a person for an answer that only God can supply.  So, how do we tap into these five senses that we’ve been created with?

· Sight  –  It is important that we ask God how to look at life and its challenges through His eyes.  Those things that we SEE as impossible or devastating, God always has a reason and a purpose to SEE them from His perspective.  You may not get an immediate answer as to the why of the situation but seeing it from a spiritual instead of natural perspective will shed an entirely different light on the situation.

· Hearing  –  Listening for God’s voice is key.  We live in a world where sounds are not only always present, but sounds are literally blaring!  Just think about it . . . when you’re in a room with only one or two persons who are conversing it’s not too loud.  But when you get a room full of people, say five or more, the volume majorly increases!  Sometimes in order to think clearly we have to either move to a quieter location or actually train ourselves to tune out all the interference surrounding us.  Such is the case when we truly desire to hear God’s voice!

· Touch  –  It is actually possible to touch God.  When you desire to be in His presence and that desire takes precedence over anything else, I promise you will feel Him.  It may result in tears, laughter, goosebumps, heightened adrenalin, etc.  One thing for sure, you’ll recognize it as not just an ordinary touch.

· Taste  –  Most people enjoy the taste of delicious food.  Food is a basic need that all humans must satisfy.  If we do not eat we cannot survive.  When we really enjoy food we get excited about the opportunity to try a new dish.  Tasting God and all His newness is like experiencing the fulfillment of having our taste buds satisfied with natural food!  Think about it, we each possess our own individual “taste” in food, clothes (style), material things, and vocational pursuits, right?  So why not pursue that “taste”, that “desire” for God and all His goodness!

· Smell  –  This may be the one sense that is the most difficult to explain from the spiritual perspective.  Have you ever walked into a room that has a stale, musty, or just plain unpleasant smell?  That’s how our lives can become due to circumstances we are faced with. Just like a room, if we don’t find the source of the undesirable odor it will likely get worse.  Once the source is detected we need to dispose of it and then use some sort of agent to clear up the odor.  Such is the case in the spirit realm.  God will help us to detect the source of the foul smell that has infiltrated our lives, and then He is the agent that will restore the sweet aroma of His freshness!

Have a problem, need a solution, use what the Creator has already placed in you!