04 Jun 2015

The Truth Of Who You Are

Did you ask God about it?

This title has been rotating in my head amongst others for several weeks now.  Usually when that is the case I can expect a sermon to evolve out of it.  I believe that will be the case and it will likely be very soon. However for now I want to share my thoughts within this week’s blog.

Recently the news and social media has been ablaze with the news of once famous athlete Bruce Jenner transitioning to her new female identity as Caitlyn Jenner.  I have heard so many opinions both spiritual and non-spiritual.  I am not using this platform to weigh in or share my opinion, any theological view or judgment.  But I would like to approach the subject of any and all human beings that God created. Genesis 1: 27 substantiates the fact that we are God’s creation. 

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”(NIV)  I can never quote that scripture without being reminded of my favorite scripture Psalm 139: 13 & 14  “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (NIV)

Because we are the product of God’s unique creation it would only make sense that the Creator has the final “say so” regarding His creation!  Sometimes I get the impression that human beings feel like we got here by divine creation but the manner of how we conduct our lives from the time that we are able to make our own decisions is totally up to us.   Not so my friends!  We don’t have the liberty to do as we please with anything that pertains to our lives be it plastic surgery, gender reassignment, career, choice of a spouse, etc.  Everything must be according to God’s plan and any decision we make must be reached by consulting Him first.  God has a specific, unique truth for each of our lives. 

No one life is meant to be a replica of any other.  He was that detailed with each life that He has and will ever create.  I heard in one portion of an interview with Caitlyn Jenner that it was said this is the “new normal”.  Well I beg to differ strongly with that statement.  This is the “new normal” that Caitlyn has chosen!  If there is a normal for anyone it must be within the parameters and specifications of God’s original plan.  Anytime we attempt to live outside of our own truth, I believe we will never find true joy or the fulfillment that life should bring. Tampering with the truth of what God created can prove dangerous and have disastrous results.  We’ve seen much proof of that.

From the time of our birth we are influenced physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually about what we should be and how our lives should be lived.  Peer pressure and societal influence cannot be avoided but it can certainly be filtered.  By filtering the influence of others we then are more prone to seek God for His answers and direction for our lives as opposed to the opinion of individuals or even what we want.  There is a TRUTH to your life and within that TRUTH is freedom and fulfillment, and when discovered it will bring true life and that more abundant!