23 Jun 2016

The Puzzle Isn’t Finished Yet!

“Each one of us was created as a unique composite of His Kingdom here on earth!”

A popular hobby or past time that many people have enjoyed for years is puzzle working.  It never personally interested me but I always admired the patience and brilliance of those who enjoyed putting puzzles together.  It was intriguing to me how no matter the number of pieces, they had “the patience of Job” to endure until the puzzle was complete!  For some it would take days, for others only hours.  My Dad enjoyed puzzles for many years until the arthritis in his hands made detailed work such as that too challenging.  I would buy puzzles for him and marvel at how he planned just the perfect time and place to begin working on his masterpiece!

Several years ago I was ministering in England when the Lord gave me a revelation that I will never forget.  It made such an impact on me that it literally brought my appointed destiny into focus.  Just as Jesus spoke to the people of His day in parables during His brief three year period of ministry here on earth, He spoke to me in the way of an analogy through the understanding of puzzles!  It was within this analogy that He showed me how we are all intricate parts of His marvelous Creation.

Each one of us was created as a unique composite of His Kingdom here on earth!  No matter the color, the size, the race, the gender, the occupation, the education or societal status, each individual was created as an integral piece of God’s marvelous masterpiece!  Those of you who have ever embarked upon the thrill of working a puzzle know the immense frustration when you near the completion and discover there is a piece missing.  You know full well that the puzzle did not come lacking any of the pieces, so in order to complete your project you must have every single piece fitting in its proper place!  That is exactly how God feels about YOU!  

He knows what the completion of His perfect design is to look like and when we are the missing piece whether by choice or just plain lack of understanding how important we are, the puzzle is not complete! When you come to the realization (like I did) that this really is not about whether you want to fit into His perfect plan or whether you feel qualified, but it is about God’s work being completed.  I have never yet heard a puzzle piece say “I don’t think I should be in this puzzle” or “this puzzle is too beautiful for a piece like me”.  It simply allows itself to fit right into the spot that it was specifically designed for.

I urge you to strongly consider my “puzzle analogy”. Instead of being comfortable and content with being that missing piece, seek God and permit Him to show you how valuable you are to the completion of His masterpiece; then fully submit to where and how He places you!

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works,
which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
(Ephesians 2: 10)  KJV

Source: First Lady Denise