19 Sep 2019

The Miracle Of Growth

I was looking out my window at my flower garden just as the sun had begun to come up. It was a glorious, crystal clear blue sky morning and I was admiring one of my favorites in the garden, my canna lilies. It will soon be fall in just a matter of days, the temps will be cooling down, the leaves will be changing as all of outdoors will hail the transition into yet another season. Although I planted the cannas back in May, much to my delight they are still blooming and growing. I happened to look down in the dirt and there was a new shoot coming up out of the ground! Mind you I said this was just after the sun came up. Well, I left the house to run some errands and when I returned to the house a few hours later, I noticed that this little shoot had grown what I would estimate at least an inch or more! I said to myself how could this have happened in just a matter of hours? Yet, I saw for myself it actually did.

Just like growth happened to my prized canna lily, the same can and should happen to each one of us. No matter what season or stage we are in life, no matter whether the spotlight is on us or not, no matter whether people stop and notice the change and growth in us, we should all be growing. Ultimately when we allow the growth process to take place, it will be noticed! But the important part is that we grow. You can only grow when the process of life takes its course. Obviously, we can do things to stifle or stunt our growth, but we can also do things to enhance and encourage our growth. When I bought my canna lilies in the early spring, they were baby (starter) plants in very small pots. But when I brought them home, I selected just the perfect spot and took them out of the pots to prepare them for planting. I bought a special soil mix for outdoor plants, and after digging a hole several inches in the ground I planted the baby cannas. After making sure they were secure and the dirt was firmly packed around the plants, the last part of the process was especially important. I watered and fertilized the plants and yes, (not a part of the plant directions) I prayed a little prayer over my “babies”. Growth in our natural and spiritual lives is crucial to our maturation and development into the person God created us to be. Unfortunately, we sometimes want to go from the starter (baby) stage, to the full grown blossoming display that everyone recognizes and marvels at its beauty. But that’s unnatural and history and experience proves that it will not last. Just as plants need just the right “formula” for growth, so do we. What is your environment like? Is your “soil” being watered and fertilized? What are you reading, or are you reading at all? Is the Bible your direction and manual for growth? Who is around you or who are you choosing to be around? Are those around you striving for success and encouraging you to do the same? Are you constantly seeking to find out who you were created to be and what is the purpose of your being?

Another factor about growth is that it takes place when you can’t really see it or even feel it. We say it all the time when referring to young children and adolescents. They go through growth spurts; as you look at them daily growth is almost unnoticeable. But say for example the summer is winding down and you start to buy school clothes, there is no denying real growth has taken place and it happened right before our very eyes. With growth comes change, and with change positive results should manifest. Back to the analogy of my cannas, obviously they have been growing for several months, every day and every night. But they didn’t knock on my door or my window and say, “hey look at me, I grew overnight”. Growth was evident, even when I was unaware it was in process. We should maintain a thirst for growth. Growing to be better, growing to learn and be more knowledgeable and well informed; growing to gain the ability to make an impact in the world and positively affect the lives of those around us; growing in a manner that encourages others to grow and become their very best! The extent of your growth may not be measured every day, but trust me the magnitude of your growth will be charted by the change seen in your life, and in the lives of those you are connected to.

Source: First Lady Denise