04 Feb 2021

The Fight Is On Ole Christian Soldiers (Fight For, Fight With, Fight Against)

A phrase I used to hear in my childhood from time to time in church services quoted by some of the older members, was “The fight is on ole Christian soldiers”. It would always pique my interest, but I was never curious enough to get a full understanding of what or why they were saying it. Ironically that phrase has surfaced in my mind quite frequently these days. I would have to say that our nation, and essentially our world has taken a drastic turn over the past several years. Unfortunately, the turn it has taken appears to be away from God and the principles illustrated in the Bible. My curiosity led me to a well known hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers. When reviewing the lyrics of the song, it is the third verse that is so appropriate for where we find ourselves today.

“Like a mighty army moves the church of God;

Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod,

We are not divided; all one body we,

One in hope and doctrine, one in charity.”

An army is comprised of soldiers who have enlisted (or drafted) to be trained for war or for any organized purpose. What an army is not is a group of persons who desire to solely pursue their own goals or are passive about the mission or purpose for which they have enlisted. As believers, we are a body or army of people who have enlisted in the service of carrying out the mission of Christ here on earth. God sent His beloved Son as Savior of the world. Those who would accept this plan of salvation would then take it upon themselves to stand together for the cause of Christ and against the forces of sin and deprivation.

We do not have to look far to find examples of fighting motivated by hatred and total lack of regard for our fellow man. It is my belief that because of these deplorable examples we are faced with all too often, Christians have backed down and faded so far into the background that our presence and our voices are ignored and oftentimes not even heard. The Word of God does not tell us that we are never to fight, but it does give us specific instruction as to how we are to fight and what we are to fight for. We must fight for humanity, equality, equity, social justice, the elimination of homelessness, and food insecurity. What we may fail to understand is that it is sin that is the originator of those injustices. Sin is present, where love and charity have been eradicated.

With our newly elected administration in the United States, so much weight is on the shoulders of our President and Vice President. But it is impossible for them to bring about change and to overturn the gross imbalances that have been infused into our society solely in and of themselves. It is going to take God’s people coming to the forefront to fight with one another (together) for the cause of Christ. By uniting, your courage can lift my courage, my strength can bolster my neighbor’s strength, and our resources combined will make an impact. It is time for us to combine what God has blessed us with; be it time, talent, finances, knowledge, wisdom, and experience to build up the disadvantaged and less fortunate. When we seek to understand and not just be understood, the provocation of superiority and supremacy of any kind will begin to dissipate.

The very things we are fighting for, are the enemy’s tactics of depravation we must fight against. Those are factors of hatred and destruction to keep us divided and at the very least self-absorbed. The bible tells us that our weapons of warfare are not carnal. Guns and military weaponry and strategies are not to be our method of operation. It is not for me to suggest or even recruit you for any specific cause or course of action. It can only be generated from a genuine desire to be a part of change that will make a difference in the world we all must live in. However, it is my hope that through earnest prayer, obedience, prompt action, and consistency, motivated by the love of God for all humanity, Christian soldiers will move onward united as one body.