03 Nov 2016

The Core of Your Obedience

As I begin writing today’s blog I sense that it will likely be lengthier than normal.  However, I hope you will take the time to read it entirely.  There are certain times in your life when a message or lesson is so critical for your very existence, God will have it repeated over and over until it becomes crystal clear and there is no possible way you can mistake the fact that this is for YOU!

Recently one of the Elders in our church preached a very profound message that embodied the central theme of obedience.  The same day another Elder of our church took that same message in summarization and delivered it to someone dear to them that needed God in a very specific way.  That person received the message, responded in obedience, and experienced a personal outpour of God’s loving embrace I doubt will ever be forgotten!  Within the same week, our dance ministers fulfilled an invitation to participate on a program to honor someone who had served faithfully in ministry and was moving on to their next assignment.  The program was jammed packed with talented artists, gifted musicians and psalmists from around this region.  

As I sat waiting for our dance ministers to be called to the stage, I prayed silently that their ministry would be to God and not predicated upon what had transpired before them, despite what the audience was looking to see, or whatever was prevailing in the atmosphere.  Those five young women took the stage and in seconds became oblivious to anyone or anything that was in that auditorium.  They captured the purpose for which they were there, and ministered through dance in total obedience to their mission.  The result was a total shift in the atmosphere of that program.  Pure worship was released in the building and God’s presence ignited and swept through the place like a 4-alarm blaze of fire!  The result of these acts of obedience resulted in a corporate move of God’s Spirit in our church the next day unlike we have seen before!  While this unprecedented move of God’s Spirit was one that engulfed the church, at the same time the Spirit was specific and intentional in its decent upon every individual that participated in what was taking place in that atmosphere.

The timing of my writing this is even absorbed in obedience!  Years ago, I learned that God often speaks to me in the middle of the night and I dare not rest in the comfort of my bed when He is giving instructions for something I must do.  The dictionary describes the word “core” as the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.  When exercising, we are given directions to engage the “core muscles” of the body in order to receive full benefit.  

From yet another perspective, if we seek to establish personal “core values”, then that encompasses what we believe in, what matters most, and how we strive to govern our lives.  When we partner core with obedience it becomes clearly evident that obedience is the most essential part of who we are, what we are, and why we are.  It substantiates our very purpose for existence!  Because of our human nature, we tend to question occurrences in our lives.  WHY becomes a question that takes on a platform of its own when trying to understand what is really going on with us.   

I know I’m not by myself in wondering why it is that some people can seemingly get away with doing or not doing certain things.  You attempt to try that very thing and run into God’s red light and hear the voice that says “don’t even try it”!  What can be more unsettling is when that “thing” you’re attempting to do is not even what you would consider a sin!  Although it may not be sinful, it very well could move you away from what God has purposed for your life.  If fulfilling the will of God for your life is what you’re living for (and it should be), then living a life of submission to Him is inescapable.  

The fact of the matter is that there can be no obedience without there being submission.  God has it so fixed that He gives us a choice to exercise our free will or to submit to His.  Have you ever heard the old folks say that God is a gentleman?  That simply means that God will never force Himself on you.  He will make His desires very apparent, but then it is up to you if you will obey, delay, or ignore.  I know those three choices don’t offer a wide variety of options but they actually sum up the situation precisely.  There is only one option that is acceptable to God and that is total obedience.  God will see to it that when you strive to live in obedience He is not only glorified but He is also pleased, and likewise He will allow those things that are pleasing to you to materialize.  This then forms THE CORE OF YOUR OBEDIENCE!

When you strive to consistently live a life of obedience your very purpose for being is promised to unfold before your very eyes.  The reason for your existence will no longer be a clouded mystery to you; you will recognize destiny.  You will further understand that acts of obedience not only benefit you but they inevitably always impact someone around you!  I make no attempts to lead you to believe that obedience is or will ever be a stroll in the park.  I don’t believe God ever meant for it to be.  I will even go so far as to tell you that it will require the following —  courage, boldness, sacrifice, and even risks.  The conclusion of all those acts of obedience is reward!  Find your core of obedience and let it be your foundation, that most essential part of your life where everything becomes centralized.

Source: First Lady Denise