09 Aug 2018

Thanks….But I

Giving and receiving of gifts is something special that should be a gratifying experience for both the giver and the receiver. Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding or “just because” when someone thinks enough of another individual to not just spend money but put care and thought into the gift, it is their hope that it will be appreciated.

Have you ever given someone a gift and you got the impression that it did not mean very much to them? If you’re anything like me, that hurts! We probably all have experienced that with children, and that can be expected until they mature a little bit and are taught better. Children tend to think that money grows on trees, and there is some endless bank account to be accessed anytime you have a want or need! I know I did! I grew up thinking my family was rich because there didn’t seem to be anything that I really wanted that I couldn’t have. But I was told that I was never considered a spoiled brat — I was seemingly thrilled about anything I received, especially if it was something I asked for. Gratitude is a trait that I believe everyone should strive for and master as a distinguishing characteristic. I have great difficulty with someone who asks for something or expresses a need, and when they receive it the attitude is that it’s not quite what they wanted, or worse yet, what’s next!!

Okay so I said all of that to say what? I wonder if we ever give God the impression or unspoken response, “Thanks . . . But I”! Gee thanks God, this is nice BUT when I am going to get . . . Oh thank you Jesus, but I REALLY wanted THAT . . . Thanks, but did you have to take this long to answer my prayer? Heaven forbid that we would ever dare be that bold and brazen to say that to God, but could it be possible that our actions portray the words we’re not saying! I think Christians often are guilty of forgetting that God has feelings. Of course, He doesn’t have emotions that we as humans possess, but it is definitely possible to disappoint God, displease Him, and grieve His very heart.

I never want to diminish the fact that without God I am nothing. Without God I do not even have the ability in and of myself to do anything. I have grown to understand that God gives us what He desires for us to have according to the measure He determines, when He feels we are equipped to handle it. The common phrase “God’s delay does not mean His denial” is so true. Sometimes the full measure of His promises can only be given to us in increments that we can handle over the course of time in which He alone can and should determine. I don’t know about you, but I do not ever want ungratefulness to hinder my blessings. So, THANK YOU GOD for the small things, the great things, and everything in between because they are all BLESSINGS that you love me enough to bestow upon me!

Source: First Lady Denise