23 Jul 2020

Take Nothing For Granted

There are many lessons to be learned as a result of what we have experienced over the past five months. At the beginning of 2020, many of us were filled with expectations of what this year would hold for us and our loved ones. We look forward to the end of winter and the beginning of spring which signals new life, new opportunities, and summers of relaxation and much needed vacations. This year has been like none other in our lifetime. With no warning, no time to prepare or get things in order, seemingly out of nowhere we were hit with a global pandemic as the Coronavirus swept across the globe with reckless abandon.

Whether we wanted to or not, we had to accept the fact that life as we knew was no longer. The places we used to frequent for pleasure, or out of necessity were locked down with little or no prior notice. Yet, we have survived! Survived without being able to visit our favorite restaurants, movie theaters, hair and nail salons and even houses of worship. For weeks we were cut off from family and friends and left to resort to phone calls and regular text check ins. Some have even mastered Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom and other social media outlets in order to conduct meetings, online schooling, and worship services. Corporations that never permitted employees to work remotely have discovered it to be a viable option rather than closing altogether. If this experience has taught us anything, it has proven that when forced to, that ingenuity buried deep inside all of us will kick in when we become desperate enough for alternatives.

The human side of all of this is easily recognized, however there is a very important facet attached to this whole thing that should change our perspective about life for the rest of our lives! It deals with the spiritual connection that also is very crucial to our existence. When everything else fails or disappears our heavenly Father is a “constant” in whom we can depend. Although we can be assured of this fact, it should also show us that we must take nothing for granted! What is here today, can be cut off or disappear in an instant. I have found that I have a deeper appreciation for God, life, and people. I always thought of myself as one who easily showed gratitude, respect, and love for others. It was easy for me to place the wants and needs of others above my own. But after these past few months of seeing lives snuffed out all too soon by a ravenous disease that is no respecter of persons, I take nothing for granted. I see life through a whole new lens. The privilege of being able to take a breath without laboring, the mobility of my limbs, the blessing of having enough money to not only sustain us but to meet our obligations and to be able to help others in need, knowing that my loved ones are safe and well, the ability to gather remotely for worship with others even though the normal gathering in our sanctuary is off limits . . . and this list could go on and on! So much has happened in such a short span of time that was never even on our radar prior to March, 2020. There has been a lot of talk about the “new norm”. The truth of the matter is that we have yet to discover what that is even going to be! Yet, this we know, the anticipated course of every individual’s life has taken a curve temporarily if not permanently. I believe God intended for us to learn lessons of such significance that we would make drastic changes. I further believe that God was on a mission saying “by any means necessary” I must get their attention. He has mine, does He have yours? Life is precious, life is a gift . . . take nothing for granted!