27 Oct 2016

Super Heroes

After having two daughters, it has been a major adjustment to have boys as grandsons.  They are as different as night and day in countless ways, and not just the obvious!  After several years I still struggle in the apparel department because my specialty still lies in dressing girls – I absolutely love it.  As birthdays and holidays draw near my struggle intensifies with the kind of toys the boys are interested in.  I have to keep my eyes and ears open for who or what the latest super hero is.  That usually is always a winner!  

Just yesterday my daughter explained to me the story line behind one of the latest cartoons, P.J. Masks.  These are “good” characters who fight crime and right the wrongs in their pajamas committed by evil doers!  Pretty unique wouldn’t you say?  I began to contemplate on how the entertainment industry capitalizes on spiritual concepts. Unfortunately, they “get it” sometimes much quicker and apply it much faster than we Christians. They usually take ordinary people or even animals, give them super powers and send them into action!

Dictionary.com defines a super hero as “one possessing extraordinary, often magical powers”.  When I consider that definition in spiritual terms, I recognize that we serve the one and only true God, who happens to be the one and only true Super Hero!  His powers are extraordinary however they are supernatural not magical.  There are times when words in our English language fall short of providing an accurate description.  The power of our God falls into that category.  Recognizing that the power of God, which cannot be matched or superseded by any other entity should cause us to think of ourselves in a very different light.  When we accept and embrace God as our Lord and Savior, then His power is imparted to us for our use.  But oftentimes we let that power lie dormant even we are in situations where we need it most.  

In my teaching, I always declare and stand firm on the fact that there are only two existing spirits (powers) in the earth.  The spirit of good which is God, and the spirit of evil which is satan.  As much as we may want to adopt the belief that there is some other power that lies somewhere between the two, I must tell you that belief is false! Furthermore, I must explain there will always be a battle between the two.  As children of God we are destined to be victorious over the powers of evil when we use the power of God that lies within us. If we closely examine the super heroes of cartoons and action films, we see that they never back down from the masters of darkness. They fight courageously and keep rising to the challenge no matter how dastardly the demon or vicious the villain.  

We may not be classified as “super heroes”, but we have the power within us that enables us to be heroes.  Heroes to use the power within us to make our own lives better, and the power to make the lives of others better.  The “hero” in us will fight the enemy that comes to steal, kill, and destroy everything that God has intended to fulfill His plan for our lives.  The hero in us looks at the circumstances stacked against us and sees an opportunity for the power of God to be unleashed to right every wrong.  Every battle becomes a victory that has already been won by our SUPER HEROE!

“For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight
for you against your enemies to give you victory.”
(Deuteronomy 20: 4)  NIV

Source: First Lady Denise