26 Oct 2017

Speak It Into The Atmosphere

This past weekend, my 12-year-old grandson, played in his championship football game.  As one of the team’s star players, he and the team had enjoyed an outstanding winning season.  So, he and his team, his coaches, and their large band of supporters arrived at the game with the highest expectations.  We expected to end this season as the champions.  It was a gorgeous day, picture perfect would be an accurate description.  My grandson’s large group of fans were positioned and anxious to see him catch passes and score touchdowns! The opposing team had fewer fans, but they were none the less anxious for the win! 

As the game progressed into the second quarter, our team was scoreless, but our spirits were not dampened in the least!  We kept cheering, kept supporting, coaching from the sidelines  . . . and expecting the tide to turn any moment.  Well the tide didn’t turn in our favor.  There were some missed opportunities, unfair calls, and seemingly the referees were quite biased and favored the other team.  The game ended in a devastating loss to our team, leaving us all wondering how this could have happened! 

My grandson spent the remainder of the day at our house, covered in a blanket, laying in a corner of our family room.  Before he drifted off to sleep, I bent down to him, offered an embrace and tried to find some comforting words because I knew he was heartbroken.  He looked me in my eyes wanting to receive the comfort, but struggled as his eyes were filled with tears.  I told him how awesome he was and that he would always be my “special football man”.  Several times I reflected on the game, his season of games won, and thought about how he must have felt.   This was the championship game and so many people had come to cheer him on.  Then my mind went specifically to a couple of his supporters who near the end of the game shouted out “Won’t He Do It”! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, it’s a phrase to declare that God will DO IT, because we’ve seen Him DO IT before!  When I heard it shouted at the game, I thought that’s kind of unusual to hear at a football game!  But I smiled and was just grateful that there was still an air of expectation and all hope was certainly not lost.  Then later that evening my husband was praying over a particular situation that was to take place the next morning and in the middle of the prayer, he asked God for “justice”.  That struck a chord with me the instant he said it!  And even he said, he chose that word for lack of a better word at that time. 

The next morning, I got a phone call from my daughter and she said, “Mom you will never guess what has happened”!  I could feel the excitement in her voice, so I got excited before I even heard what it was.  She told me that the coach had sent an email stating that the something had happened that forced the team that won the game the day before to forfeit, and our team would now be playing in the SUPER BOWL GAME!!   Of course, we are all thrilled, and the word quickly spread like wildfire, but I saw God immediately in this situation. 

Instead of speaking negatively, acting in a manner that would not represent Christ and be poor examples to the boys, we did just the opposite.  We spoke positively into the atmosphere (as odd as it may seem), and accepted the outcome.  But that’s when God decided to show us that it’s not over yet!  He wanted us to know that when we least expect it, when we think it’s all said and done . . . He can overturn any decision!!!  Did any of us ever expect this would happen, I don’t think so!  But it did, and I choose to believe that it is because of what was spoken into the atmosphere.

Won’t He Do It!!

God will bring justice if you just let Him do it His way!

Source: First Lady Denise