17 Sep 2020

Revelation That Leads To Maturity

I believe in being a person of my word, and so to keep my word given to you last week, today’s writing is a continuation of last week’s blog.  As I delve chapter by chapter, page by page into the book The Bait of Satan by John Bevere, even though I have read it a few times before each time I seem to get more revelation.   Personal revelation is so important to an individual’s growth and maturity.  With that being said, revelation does not happen by osmosis, it is a process.  In fact, it is an ongoing process because it is directly related to growth and maturity.   John Bevere breaks a person’s growth down into three categories.  Personal growth, intellectual growth, and spiritual growth.   That makes perfect sense because man is a triune being, composed of body, soul, and spirit.  He goes on to explain that physical growth is a function of time.  Intellectual growth is a function of learning.  Last but certainly no less significant, spiritual growth is a function of obedience.  Maybe you can easily digest and agree with the author’s explanation of physical and intellectual growth; but that word “obedience” might just have you in a somewhat dubious position.  Understandably so, let’s look a little deeper.

We live in a world that is inundated with information.  Whether you seek it out for yourself or not, factual information, “fake news”, data, statistics, and current events come at you with “in your face” obstinacy.  Some information is vitally important for us to have and it is imperative that we not only gain knowledge from it, but we should process it to determine how it will affect our lives.  However, it is in our personal processing of all this information that  ultimately leads to revelation.   I am a strong proponent of constant study and persistent pursuit of knowledge that will better one’s life.  But the loaded question comes . . . how are you using this knowledge?  I’m a person who is happy to say that I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home.  My parents took me to church from the time I came into the world.  So, suffice it to say that I have probably heard thousands of sermons, bible teachings, etc.  When you partner that with years of education that still continues, I would say I possess a wealth of knowledge.  However, much of that knowledge has come from outside sources, books, commentaries, documentaries, lectures, and sermons.


As a student or at the very least one who is striving to be the very best I can be, it behooves me to seek revelation as I process all this information.  There is a scripture in the bible that sums up perfectly what I am trying to get across.  II Timothy 3: 7 (NIV) states, “Always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  That is the description of an individual who is in constant pursuit of knowledge or information but never matures to understand the truth!  It describes one who has the knowledge but has not applied the truth —  in essence giving mental assent to it without obeying it.  To put it plain and simple, it is possible to have the body of an adult but the mind and spirit of a child.  Unfortunately, this is a person who is full of information, but lacks revelation which leads to maturity.  How do we get that essential revelation?  I believe it can only come when we seek God’s direction.  Literally taking the information to God, asking for His guidance in an effort to receive revelation.  As I stated earlier, information is coming at us constantly whether we request it or not.  So, it is important that we understand how to process it so that revelation will be the result.  The old folks used to describe it this way . . . “eat the meat and throw out the bones”.  Take in and digest what is good and beneficial for you and discard that which is not!  You need to know what you need to know for yourself, not just because someone else told you or imposed their opinion.  Having good information and knowledge but refusing to apply it does equate to disobedience – especially when it comes to biblical knowledge.  It is so important that we do not assume the position of sponges that soak up knowledge but then refrain from squeezing it out!  It does not serve the purpose for which it was created!  I enjoy learning, but what is most important to me is being able to apply that which I have learned.  If it is good enough for me to learn, it is good enough to be applied.  Inevitably I have found that not only is it beneficial for me, but most often benefits others around me.  Well, that’s a lead into another subject, so I’ll close for now.  Looking forward to sharing with you again real soon!