21 Jul 2016

Push Yourself

“Past achievements are honorable, words of encouragement are much needed, however your biggest PUSH has to come from within!”

I am a person who lives by agendas, to do lists, and schedules.  It’s a must for me and in plain and simple terms I function better this way.  For example, I have an agenda and to do lists for each week and then I further break them down as to what I need to accomplish each day.  If you find me in a fantastic mood, it probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve had a very productive day or week and made major accomplishments by staying on task.

Although I don’t often get lethargic or experience bouts of doldrums there are times I recognize that I need to push myself to do more!  I feel that if we don’t do that from time to time we can subconsciously get lulled into mediocrity.  If mediocrity takes up residency in your life you will never reach the destiny of your purpose.

Several months ago I established a gym membership which affords me the privilege of working out with a trainer when desired.  Also, my youngest daughter Molly has started the #mollymob challenges (actually her Daddy’s brainstorm) so she is an excellent trainer and nutritionist that I can constantly tap into.  I am finding from both of them that the key is to continue to push yourself to do more and do better!  

Example:  If you work out or walk for 30 minutes for a month, then next month add on another 10 – 15 minutes!  Are you getting the idea . . . PUSH YOURSELF!  FYI  . . . I have to beg people to walk with me because I get a thrill out of walking briskly for 60 – 90 minutes!  My husband will often hang with me, but he’ll also tell me “ok you’re not going to kill me today”!  The point that I’m making is that it’s wonderful to accomplish a goal, and certainly it’s important to celebrate yourself.  But don’t rest on your laurels too long because complacency is lurking around the corner!

When I finally stopped running from God and accepted my call to ministry and shortly thereafter gave God my “yes” to launching the ministry of “Esther by Design” (an international ministry designed to minister to the needs of women) I thought I had REALLY pleased God!   Yes, it was a monumental decision and with my determination not to let God down I knew my life would never be the same.  

However to be perfectly honest, I really did think after I achieved a few things I had never dreamed of, and impacted the lives of people I never thought I would meet I thought God was satisfied and would say “well done my daughter”.  Well I believe He was satisfied and He did say those words, but they were also the precursor to my next assignment!  Wow, was that a rude awakening!  You see God gives us the assignments, the direction, the timing, and even sends people alongside to assist us, but . . . we have to PUSH OURSELVES to get it done!  And once we get IT done, rest assured there’s MORE to do.  Past achievements are honorable, words of encouragement are much needed, however your biggest PUSH has to come from within!

Source: First Lady Denise