12 Nov 2020

Now That We Have Prayed…

I doubt that I will soon forget the phone call I received about 11:45 a.m. on Saturday, November 7th.  My daughter, Micah called literally screaming in the phone “Mommy, he WON!!!”   Because I was driving and focused on wrapping up the errands I set out to run and get home at the deadline I had set for myself, my mind was not on the election.  Breaking news was reporting that former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris had been declared the winners of the 2020 presidential election.  What a day that was! 

Many people prayed during those final weeks and days leading up to November 3rd like they had never prayed before.  Trust me, I am not critical of that in any way, because if there was ever a time for “believers” to be united in prayer it was then and now.  However, that was then, and this is now!  Soon the exuberance and celebratory explosions of posts on Facebook, Instagram, and every other form of social media will begin to trail off.  When that happens does the mindset become “well Joe and Kamala it’s up to you now  — do your job”.  I sincerely hope not.  Everyone who cast their vote for them had a part in the final outcome.  But the work is just beginning for them and US! 

Saturday night I sat watching President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect  Harris’ first speeches as they addressed our nation.  I vacillated between tears of joy and applause as if I was right there with them and the crowd of supporters in Wilmington, Delaware.  Then on Monday as my husband and I were watching the news and listening intently to Joe Biden we both said at almost the exact same time that to our knowledge we had never known prior to this that there was an Office of the President Elect.  I have researched it since then and it appears that this was something created by Joe Biden and/or his current administration.  If anyone reading this blog knows anything different please accept my apology.  At any rate, whether the office existed prior to November, 2020 or if indeed it was recently created, I believe it is BRILLIANT!!!   If you think about it, Joe Biden is not waiting until January 20, 2021 when he will take the oath as 46th president of these great United States, he is seizing the opportunity now to gain the ears and hearts of the citizens of this country that are wounded and broken.  I look at his unique and authentic “move” as an example that I should indeed follow.  What he is making crystal clear is that he is ready, willing, and able to step up to the task at hand and in the process begin unifying this country whether you voted for him or not.  Taking a page out of President Elect Biden’s book would be to each of our advantage.  I know you may differ with me and the first excuse you may offer is that none of has the platform that he or Vice President Elect Harris has.  I agree with you but only to a certain degree.  You may not have a political or official platform, but we each have a voice.  Each of us can make an impact on someone’s life that will make a difference.  Begin with a neighbor, a close or even distant family member, a co-worker or ministry colleague.  The opportunity is always present to start small, and then as you gain confidence and see that you indeed made a difference no matter how small or how slight . . . you did something!  The end goal or end game as some would say, is to spread love, create unity, and make a difference for the greater good of humanity.  I believe that it was the power of prayer, unity, and tenacity that brought about a miraculous change for the future of the White House, a new administration, and hope for the future.  So, don’t stop praying, but now go to work!