18 Apr 2019

Not Just A Symbol

Holy Week is a time of sacred observances in religious faiths and denominations around the world. It is a time when we should reflect on the magnitude of the sacrifice that Jesus, the Son of God made for each one of us. As with most other religious holidays, so many secular traditions have overshadowed the true meaning of why we should reverence and commemorate these days.

When I think of the cross, I must forever be mindful that it was the place, not just an object or an instrument, but the place where Jesus died for our sins, that we might have life. You see crosses in nearly every church in some form or another, but what does it really mean to us? Is it just a symbol? Has its significance been deduced to an object of church décor? Is it something that is only truly recognized during the Easter season? Even though we know that after the death of Jesus, He was buried, and ultimately rose from the dead, the real meaning of the cross should never be diminished.

I hope that what I am about to say is not offensive to anyone, however I think at the very least it should be thought provoking. The cross has become a very popular piece of jewelry to people of all walks of life. I would almost venture to say that those who believe in Christ, as well as non-believers have a cross as a part of their jewelry collection. I have seen some extremely beautifully designed crosses of rare and precious metals, various woods, and materials. But once we get past the beauty of the object, what does the symbol truly mean to you as an individual. When you wear it are you moved to reflect on its origin and the greatest event in history that took place on that cross?! I am convinced that we adorn ourselves with “things” without considering what we’re saying, or if we’re saying anything at all. The truth of the matter is that whatever you put on your body, be it a piece of jewelry, a tattoo, a piercing, etc. you become a walking advertisement! So, the question then comes, what are you really advertising, what is your viewpoint or stance associated with the object you have chosen to display?

It is impossible to change the mindset of the entire world, but it is at least worth the effort to make certain that we are personally aware of that one sacrifice that can never be matched, that took place on that cross over 2,000 years ago that changed the world. It was the sacrifice that made the difference between life and death for you, me, and all who would believe and receive. During this blessed Holy Week as we approach Good Friday and then Resurrection Sunday, let us never allow THE CROSS to become just a symbol. Because of that Cross we serve a risen Savior and because of Him we ARE!!

Source: First Lady Denise