No One Like Her
29 Apr 2021

No One Like Her

They say we are all unique beings, no one person is exactly like any other. But every now and then you have the privilege of meeting someone that if given the task of describing them, you would have to conclude they are truly one of a kind. This week the Lord called home one of my dearest friends, a sister in Christ, who embodied that description. Pastor Adair Washington was indeed one of a kind, and I can definitively say there was no one like her.

I had the privilege of sharing a very special relationship with her since we were pre-teens, growing up in the same church. The loving friendship of our mothers brought us together. Life went on and we went our separate ways – marrying the love of our lives and experiencing the joys of having a family. For some years we were disconnected by time and space, the many miles that separated us. But she was determined that we would be reunited, and she pursued by any means necessary what God had instructed her to do. For several years she said my husband and I, along with our daughters, were her “prayer assignment”. But she was not to inform us of that until God gave her the release. She was obedient and after a period of time, she found us and requested to come for a visit. The details of that God-ordained reunion will remain between the four of us – she and her husband, me and my husband. She spoke into our lives in a very bold, yet gentle manner which assured me that she was indeed on a mission from God. She said that day, that God told her we were to be her prayer assignment until He gave the release. From that day to this, she never gave any indication that the prayer assignment had ended. What do you say when someone of that caliber is suddenly taken from your life? There are no words — you are left numb trying to process and accept a void that will not be filled. You do not search for a replacement because there will never be one. There was no one like her.

My friend Adair, had her on special style. When she entered a room, she unintentionally captured everyone’s attention. The distinctiveness of her graceful stride complimented her beauty both inside and out. Her smile, her genuineness, her excitement for life and living was evident at one glance. No one was a stranger to her, and if you gave her just a few moments she would put you at perfect ease. I have never known anyone to compliment others to the degree that she did. She was going to find something to compliment about your appearance and make you feel like a million dollars! She was known to give so much not only of herself, but in tangible ways, that we would have to ask her to stop giving! I believe she had an impact on every life she touched and person she encountered. Some were blessed as they received her prophetic words straight from the mind of God. While unfortunately others eventually came to realize that the words they chose to ignore would have changed the very trajectory of their lives. There was a boldness about her which demonstrated that she didn’t fear man and most assuredly did not fear the devil. What was there to fear of man, when she knew she could “charm the socks off” even the most unsavory individuals. I could go on and on speaking about my friend. But above all she loved God first, her husband, her daughter and son, and her entire family with a never ending love. It wasn’t just in word, but she proved it in deed. Words are inadequate to say how much I will miss my friend. Yet, I know I must bow to the sovereign will of God as she has now done. Again, I choose to follow the example she has lived before us. I dedicate this poem in her honor.



Her light is not extinguished
Only her body is relinquished
The sparkle she exhibited
Will never be inhibited

Every piece of stardust twinkle
Every work of Love generously sprinkled
Shines as bright as a Glorious Nova
Only her earthly life is over

As the heavens accept her energy
Know you are wrapped in her loving,
Living synergy

Occasionally, on this gravity filled earth
We’re unsure of our celestial worth
There’s a reason for our humble birth
And a season to our earthly hearth

Remember her with laughter
As she’s accepted into the ever-after
Her light is not extinguished
Only her body is relinquished

Through the grace of God
She’s lifted with a nod
Feel her smiling spirit brightly lit
Her melody has amplified
“Do you hear it?”

She is home, her eternal Glorious Gift
In God’s brilliant star light, she doth drift
Her light is not extinguished
Only her body is relinquished
Oh no, her light is not extinguished
Only a tired vessel is relinquished.