15 Mar 2018

Make It Worth The Pain

About 6 weeks ago I had foot surgery to correct some damage that was done in a procedure many years ago. The experience for the most part has gone smoothly and according to the prescribed plan of my surgeon. I have a rather high tolerance for pain, so I honestly have no regrets for having the surgery although I had put it off for nearly two years. A few days ago, I went in for my third post- surgery check up under the assumption that since the stitches had been out for a few weeks I was going to get my release papers! Well, I thought wrong! I was delighted that the first thing out of the doctor’s mouth after he greeted my husband and me, was that he announced we were getting rid of the surgical boot! Oh, happy day!!

Although comfortable, it was one of the ugliest things you ever want to have as an accessory to any wardrobe! However, he went on with details of more instructions to be carried out for the next month. He explained and demonstrated a procedure that must be done twice a day called “cross fiber massage”. When he proceeded to demonstrate how to administer it, I thought I would leap out of the exam chair from the pain he was inflicting! It was a good thing my husband was there for two reasons. One, he is the one for the most part who will have to do the daily massaging; and two, I was so focused on the horrible pain I was feeling I was not even hearing the words coming out of my doctor’s mouth!

He explained the purpose for all this pain, which by the way, he assured me that the severe pain of the massaging would diminish tremendously after several days if done routinely and correctly. His explanation for its necessity was that it is to eliminate further internal scarring and position the toes to take form and remain as straight as possible. In other words, he wants to do everything possible to ensure the best outcome from the surgery and eliminate a recurrence of the problem I experienced years ago. Although I have had minimal swelling for the past couple of weeks as I gradually resume normal activities by being up and about, the healing process is still not complete. The next phase and set of instructions must be adhered to.

We go through painful circumstances in life from time to time – some inflicted upon us by ourselves, some inflicted by others. But it is important to note that for healing to take place, we must advance forward. We cannot stay where we are or go backward. It is not uncommon at all to progress out of an extremely painful state, and once we get to a more comfortable, palatable position, we just kind of want to hang out there. The mind oftentimes causes us to question if moving forward will be any better than where we are now or think we could risk doing something that will result in a setback.

So why chance it? God doesn’t want partial anything for us! He is a God of wholeness, totality, and abundance. My surgeon and I went into the surgery with an intended outcome in mind. The anticipation was high for a foot that would be free of deformity and pain. Whatever present situation is causing you discomfort, pain, confusion, and is prohibiting you from a healthy life, be it emotional, spiritual, physical or financial, determine today that you will endure the process to bring about complete wholeness. That is what God intended for you from the time of your birth, so don’t settle for anything less!

“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment,
is working for us a far more exceeding and
eternal weight of glory,”
II Corinthians 4: 17 (NKJV)

Source: First Lady Denise