07 Jun 2018

Love Destroys…

In my last blog I wrote about LOVE and its undeniable power. Since it gave me along with many others, such a warm and positive feeling, I felt it befitting to come back to you with Part II, or a continuation. You probably looked at the title and said to yourself as you read it, “is this a typo?”, or “it couldn’t mean what I think it says”, or maybe you whispered privately “now she’s really lost it on this one”! Well, whatever your initial reaction was, I hope that all minds will be clear and on one accord when you finish reading today’s blog!

We hear and read lots about the power of love, the necessity of love, the attractiveness of love, and even the recklessness of love. But I want you to consider that love has yet another quality that we probably dismiss because we are so busy focusing on the positivity of this intense emotion we call love. There have been attempts to encapsulate love into a description of a complex set of emotions, behaviors, beliefs, and principles that are associated with strong passionate feelings of affection and respect for another person. It is important to recognize that love, along with all the warm and fuzzy characteristics, has a destructive side as well. Whoa . . . how could that be when we say that God is the originator of love?

It is so easy when you think about it. It is love that has the ability to destroy anything that is unlike God. Anything that is diametrically opposed to who God is, what He represents, and how He manifests Himself can find its demise when true love – God’s love is brought into the equation. If we would only permit love to do what it was created to do, life would be so much simpler. Confusion would so not be the order of the day and rear its ugly head all throughout life and all its complexities. Just because life is complex, does not mean it has to be void of the one quality that blocks out bad and interchanges it with good.

One of God’s greatest gifts to us is the ability to love one another. However, I raise the question, how often do we exercise and extend real, genuine love. Since nearly everyone you see has a mobile phone and uses them without restraint in very public places, I have become very observant about how people end their phone conversations. I find that many people sign off by saying “love you”! It always grabs my attention because I do it myself with family and close friends. But is it just a casual closing to a conversation or encounter, or does it contain the true sentiments of its origin? Honestly, only the person who utters the words from his or her mouth can accurately answer that question.

So now back to this destructive character of love! True love has the ability to bring order into chaos. It has the power to demolish the stronghold of hatred. It destroys confusion and replaces it with peace. Love shatters darkness with the brilliance of light. Love replaces hopelessness with anticipation and expectancy! True love reunites fragmented relationships. Love destroys that which has caused damage and disrepair. Love conquers sickness and every manner of disease with its healing power!

One thing that amazes me that young children love to do is building blocks as high as they can and then the ultimate pleasure is knocking them down! I think about all the effort they take in putting the blocks in place and achieving just the right balance. But, when you look at it from another perspective we see that anything strategically built up it can be destroyed (torn down). Love has two very intricate capabilities – to build, and to destroy. Both are critically important to mankind.

I urge you today to put love to work – put it into action and let it manifest itself in every dimension for which it was purposed!

Source: First Lady Denise