13 Feb 2019

Looking For Love…

Today’s blog is Part II of last week’s entitled “Looking For Love For All The Wrong Reasons”. The month of February is most noted for Valentine’s Day which is February 14th. As soon as the Christmas decorations are taken down, businesses instantly replace them with Valentine’s décor – hearts, chocolates, and eventually roses and other beautiful flowers to capture the hearts of your loved one. The one holiday in the year that is expressly set aside to demonstrate your true feelings to your loved one(s).

Let’s talk about what happens before and after February 14th? Is it only important to show love only on that one day? We all long to feel love on a daily basis. There’s a constant yearning for love in one aspect or another. The reason for that is because we were created in love! First and foremost, our innermost being longs for the love of our heavenly Father. Yet, often we do not understand the true source of our yearning. Therefore, when we lack understanding of what our heart is truly searching for, we’ll look for love in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons. Our hearts will gravitate to material things, as well as things that are temporal instead of eternal.

When we truly fall in love with the One who loves us most, the One who loves us best, better than anyone else can, then it will be so much easier not only to feel genuine love, but also to find and give true love. Until that happens what we perceive to be love is subject to be superficial at best. The top (most commonly known) types of love studied according to ancient Greeks are; Agape – unconditional love; Eros – romantic love; Philia — affectionate love; Philautia – self-love. It is easy to see that the fulfillment of anyone of those types of love would be highly unlikely, if not impossible, if not originated and substantiated through the love of God.

Just by our human nature we react and respond according to prevailing conditions. Likewise, we may find it difficult to exhibit real Agape love. Our actions are often dictated by what our flesh wants and what it sees, therefore governing our response and appetite for romantic love. Affection displayed is usually directed by affection received, therefore driving our feelings of affection to those who we expect to receive the same in return. And lastly, the love of self. This love type is probably one of the most confusing of all four. Confusing because it requires a healthy balance which involves personal self-esteem, not to be mistaken by narcissistic or selfish love. We may be quick to declare our love for ourselves but even that is clearly evidenced by the manner in which we take care of ourselves – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

So, this “love thing”, goes so much deeper than one day out of the year could ever declare! If we do not take the time to examine why we love, how we express love, and what we interpret as true love we will get caught in the current of commercialism associated with unrealistic views and distorted value systems. We will perpetuate habitual spending because of what a date on the calendar dictates rather than consciously expressing love not only to those within our family; but allow that love to extend to those in the world who are longing to find the true source of true love . . . everyday of the year!

Source: First Lady Denise