08 Nov 2017

Let’s Trade

Childhood is such a special time.  Very few cares or worries, little responsibility, and for the most part the child’s needs are met by the parents.  Children are supposed to enjoy life.  Some of the games we played as children were so much fun, but as we grew older they just became faded memories of easy, carefree days long gone. As we played together, it wasn’t unusual to trade toys, books, and even clothes.  Because we all know, what your friend had seemed to always be better than what you had . . . or so we thought!

Have you ever put it into your adult thought process, that God might want to trade some things with us?  I’ll admit I never did until very recently.   God being the ultimate Father and giver of all good things, always desires the best for us.  His best is better than anything we could ever concoct for ourselves.  Even the cares and concerns we carry are not what God would want us to be burdened with.  He makes that very evident in his Word. 

The 55th division of Psalms tells us to “Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:  he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”   Our God is willing to take what we do not want, and most assuredly what we do not need, and in turn give us everything we need to make life better.  The problem comes when we don’t trust God enough to trade what we have for what He wants to give us.   He is willing to take even our worst, in order that we might have his best.

As adults we tend to focus on material things and forget about the basic human need for rest.  We often push ourselves beyond reasonable limits just to survive.  However, basic survival is not what God intended for his children.  St. Matthew 11: 28, the Lord beckons all those that labor and are heavy laden with the cares of this life, and He will give them rest.  In the very next verse he offers his yoke, that which binds us to Him, and urges us to learn of him, and when we do that we will find rest for our souls.  Again, He is trying to convince us with this simple principle that what He has is what we need.

Your Father is willing to trade what you have taken on yourself that has proven to be less than what you deserve, and give you His best in return.   One thing you can be sure of, God will never take something from you and not replace it with something better!

Source: First Lady Denise