15 Dec 2016

Let Him In

There are signs all around that make it very evident that Christmas is just days away.  The holiday parties, Christmas movies and holiday classics we look forward to year after year, the beautiful holiday lights, decorations, and trees all work in unison to make this the most wonderful time of the year.  In our churches, we will experience the children’s programs, beautiful concerts, as well as the efforts to make charitable donations to those less fortunate.

Today’s blog was inspired by a recent exhortation that was delivered by one of the elders of our church.  Although brief, it was very powerful and thought-provoking and I wanted to expound upon it and share it with you.  Most of us have some familiarity with the Christmas story regardless of whether you hear it year after year or you haven’t heard it since your childhood Sunday School days. The virgin Mary, was the chosen vessel to birth the baby Jesus who would be the Savior of the world.   

Joseph was espoused to Mary when he received the news from the angel of the Lord that she was with child.  He knew immediately this was not a child that he had created.  It was indeed immaculate conception because Mary had not been “touched” by Joseph or any other man.   At the end of nine months it was the time for this baby who could never be compared to any other to be born.  The bible tells us that Mary was “great” with child – her time had come.  Joseph like any other concerned and attentive husband sought for a place for them to lodge for the night because they had been journeying for a long time having left Galilee and now approaching Bethlehem. 

Everywhere Joseph looked for help, doors closed in their faces.   You would think that someone would have been sympathetic to their plight and offered them a room if only for one night, but not so.   I have no doubt that Joseph out of concern for his wife and the child that was about to be born was relentless in his search for lodging. The search proved futile and there was no place left for the Baby Jesus to be born but a stable that was fit for animals.  In this day and age, it is hard to imagine a baby being born any place other than a hospital or at least a place where those trained as midwives are there to coach and assist.  Who would fathom being outside in the cold and the elements of the night at a time like this!   Because they were literally turned away by everyone they went to, this was the result.

As we hear this story time and time again should the question be asked are we guilty of not letting Jesus in to our lives?  Oh yes, we have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but it goes far deeper than that.  He wants to dwell with us and by so doing have the opportunity to be a part of every facet of our lives.  

Is there a problem that is plaguing you that you have not yet let Him in to solve?  Is there a relationship that you’ve neglected to put Him in the center of?  How about an illness that you are depending on the doctor’s diagnosis and answer instead of letting your faith determine the outcome?  Because He loves you, Jesus is waiting for your invitation to allow Him to come in.  Just like Mary and Joseph, He will never force His way in to your life, but there is a blessing in store if you allow Him in.  

This Christmas and every Christmas, today and every day, open the door of your heart, the gateway to the relationship that affects every area of your life.   Can you imagine how the innkeeper’s life could have changed if he let Mary and Joseph in, instead of turning them away!  I urge you today to not only invite the Savior in, but keep the door of your heart open so that He will know He is not only welcomed, but needed.

Source: First Lady Denise