21 Jan 2021

Keep Hope Alive!

As much of the world watched the transition of power from the past administration to the new, I imagine emotions were running high. Some breathing a sigh of relief, some still anxious about the near and distant future, and some excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for America and its citizens. Ironically, my mind went back to a speech given by The Reverend Jesse Jackson in his pursuit of the Democratic Nomination for President in the summer of 1988. Reverend Jackson concluded his captivating speech with the quote, “Keep Hope Alive”!

When we reflect on the course that our nation has taken over the past few years, it is easy to understand how the American people were losing hope that it would ever return to the status it had been known for around the world as the greatest nation on earth. The United States has been reeling underneath the weight of a relentless pandemic that unleashed a deadly virus never experienced before. As it lingered on it spawned a financial crisis not seen since the great depression because of jobs lost, businesses closing, and for thousands an economic downward spiral. The effects of the pandemic permeated nearly every individual or household in one way or another. Protests and demonstrations (peaceful and riotous) erupted all over the nation; not to mention the invasion of our nation’s Capitol by insurrectionists and domestic terrorists just two weeks ago.

But then, we awakened to the dawning of Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021! Of course, none of the events of the past months and years magically disappeared, but the sun rose on a day where hope seemed to rise again. As the individual who at last holds the title of former President faded into the sunlit sky, we began to focus our attention on a man who exudes a spirit of decency, genuine concern for all Americans, and respect for those who choose to agree or disagree with him and the policies he stands for. It was refreshing and heartwarming to see three former Presidents and their wives stand in support of the gentleman who has pledged his life, breath, and strength to rebuilding this nation that is so divided and damaged. Even viewing the events throughout the day on television one could sense an air of unity, the desire for democracy, and hope! Yet my heart goes out to our new President and Vice President. They have a huge and daunting assignment ahead of them. Our nation needs so much healing and we would be deceiving ourselves if we think that every politician who makes up the Congress and Senate is committed to work together. We are living in a nation and time where above all our nation needs healing, and that can only come from the source of love. The transfer of power has taken place, now in order for healing to take place there must be a transfer of hope! It is the stimulant that will push us forward from where we are to where we are destined to be. So, what does that hope look like? We have before us a President who is the oldest individual ever to be elected to the office, yet he was the youngest Senator to be elected to hold that office! Hope that declares that no matter the age, you still can make a difference as long as you have determination! We now have the first woman, first African-American, and South Asian, daughter of immigrants, and the first Vice President to graduate from a historically black university. Beauty and brilliance stands before us as she demonstrates that glass ceilings are meant to be broken! Yes, tragically we have lost over 400,000 precious souls to a horrendous virus that took even the most brilliant scientists off guard. Thankfully, millions are surviving, and now await a vaccine that through God’s help will get us to the other side. While challenges may seem insurmountable at times, God is still our source, if we can just pledge every day to KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Keep living, keep loving, keep dreaming, and KEEP HOPE ALIVE!