04 Jan 2018

It’s Worth It!

Happy New Year to you all! I sincerely hope that your holiday season was blessed and that you are anticipating all that God has for you to experience a prosperous new year!

One of my favorite television channels to watch is HGTV. I so enjoy the prospective homes for sale, the countless ideas for home decorating, also landscaping and outdoor renovations. However, a couple of the programs such as “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flip” are especially intriguing. Many of these homes, in my estimation, are fit for nothing but demolition. However, these experts take what I see as trash and turn it into treasure. The amazing thing is that they are not afraid to make the investment. Again, in my estimation sometimes the purchase price coupled with the cost of renovation is far beyond the risk that I would ever be comfortable with taking.

The key is, they look past the ruins and see the return on their investment! The primary goal is to see that no matter the dollar amount of the overall “project” the outcome is well worth it! Some of the homes are dilapidated by lack of proper maintenance, while others have been destroyed by their past occupants. But what these investors have a knack for seeing is that as long as the foundation is sound, these homes have the potential to become something beautiful!

The year 2017 may not have been all you expected nor wanted it to be. You may have even experienced some devastating blows that caught you off guard. Yet, like some of these decayed and neglected homes underneath it all you still have a solid foundation! That foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ! Because He invested His very life in you, He never intends for your life to result in absolute ruin. He is the master renovator! Just like the persons that purchase these homes and then contract the experts to make it something beautiful beyond their wildest imaginations . . . the Lord Jesus Christ is ready, willing, and very capable of doing the same for you!

So, I encourage you to look at your life from an objective and scrutinizing view; set your plans, goals, and objectives, and then lay it out before the Expert and see what He wants to do with you! Because He is the Master Builder, He knows what will work, what won’t work, and what is the best possible outcome not just for your good, but for your long-term happiness. Maybe things did not end well last year, maybe you did not handle some things that were entrusted to your care the very best; but because you stepped into a brand-new year God can take what looked to be the worst and make it the best! God is the ultimate Fixer Upper, and when He is allowed to flip something, it will never flop!

Source: First Lady Denise