22 Feb 2018

I’m Over It!

Most of us have either said or heard someone use the phrase “I’m over it!”. What that generally means is that something has transpired in their life, has affected them in some way, and now they are making the declaration that they are done with it – they are through. As I was thinking about that and the myriad of reasons why a person would declare that, I brought Jesus into the picture. If I was in His presence and made that statement, perhaps He would say “Oh really, if you truly are then prove it!”. That’s when you have to put your money where your mouth is.

As God was developing this thought in my mind, I began to think about the sport of track and field. Many of the athletes don’t just compete in one sport, they participate in multiple sports. For my analogy I want you to think about the runners who at the start of their race must position themselves on the ground and place their feet in blocks. For a beginner, sometimes that can prove the most difficult challenge to overcome. They have the speed, their form is good, but those blocks defeat them every time! How you get out of the blocks will determine the outcome of your race. Then I moved on to the hurdlers. Even watching that event on television makes me nervous.

Have you ever actually examined those things – they’re not made of Styrofoam! If not properly trained, hurdles can cause serious injury. Of course, runners hit them and even knock them down all the time and keep going. But when they hit them while going over them what effect does it have on them the rest of the race? And finally, my mind went on to one of my favorite events — the pole vault. Just watching some athlete’s style and mental preparation before they attempt to go over that bar is so intriguing. But the bottom line is they must clear the bar to declare and be declared “they’re over it”!

Well, as my mother used to say . . . I went all around “Robinhood’s Barn” to get you to understand that you are indeed a triathlete! Didn’t know that did you? Tri means three, and every human being that God created is made up of three distinct parts — mind, body, spirit. Maybe you still do not get it. You are indeed a triathlete because whether you recognize it or not you are in a competition. All three areas – mind, body, and spirit, are constantly being challenged. Who are you competing with? Satan himself is your competition. Satan is not just competing with you in this life, but he wants to be the determining factor of how you will spend eternity. In order to defeat him we must seek to know what our blocks are, how we can get over those hurdles in life, and how we can clear those things that have prohibited us from going higher in life. When we unveil those things, then we can seek God for the necessary strategy to truly overcome them.

So be honest with yourself, is it fear of the unknown, is it not wanting to dig up something you buried so you would not have to face it; is it the risk of loving and not receiving love in return; is it the pain of past rejection; is it guilt and shame that you hold over yourself; is it the feeling that you are just not good enough, smart enough, worth enough; is it the uncertainty of a particular outcome? Once we face those hurdles and obstacles and properly deal with them through the help of the Holy Spirit, then we can say I’M OVER IT and move on living a truly healthy, wholesome life.

Source: First Lady Denise