02 Feb 2017

I Will Rise

As I sit here today, gazing out of the panoramic view of the windows in my home  spending precious time in prayer, meditation, and songs of worship, I must be transparent to admit there a struggle going on.  The gloominess of the day and complete cloud coverage in the sky seems to be putting a weight on my spirit.  If we are honest with ourselves our environment and atmosphere has the ability to control what our spirit feels if we do not make the effort to rise above it.    We must realize that these feelings and emotions are primarily atmospheric.  If you have any doubt that what I am saying is true, just see how different you feel on the next cloudless day!

The principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world (Ephesians 6: 12) are determined to bring us down, and keep us down.  It really doesn’t matter to him (Satan) which part of his plan is successful against you, just so it works.  He may try to attack you physically, emotionally, or spiritually OR in all three areas at one time.  Just know that he is relentless.  Although the enemy may be relentless in his attacks, our God in His divine providence is unfailing in every facet of His love, care, and salvation for His children.

Because God has created this world and everything that lies therein (and that includes you and me) He remains in total control.  He has not and will not ever relinquish that control to anyone – particularly Satan.  So knowing that, we must choose to stand and rest upon the fact that God is always working in our best interest.  His thoughts, His plans, His blessings are impossible to be changed by mitigating circumstances that appear to cloud our view of them. 

If you have ever boarded a flight, you know that in order for the jet to get you to your desired destination it must rise to an elevation where it remains for the majority of the flight.  By reaching just the right elevation – a calculated cruising altitude, that aircraft will fly most efficiently.  In addition to that it prevents the chances of encountering other aircraft or anything in the atmosphere that will interrupt its journey to its destination.  Whenever you find yourself feeling hindered and the progress of your day being affected or inhibited, I urge you to rise above the clouds in your atmosphere!   

Rise above the problems, the criticism, the lack, whatever the darkness may be; rise to that cruising altitude that God has designed to safely get you to your destination!  Let me help you understand what a cloud REALLY is!  It is important to know that even a cloud that looks impenetrably dark is almost entirely made of dry air.  Water vapor and precipitation each make up a maximum of just a couple of percent of the mass of a cloud.   So YOUR CLOUD is but a vapor that with just a little bit of faith and trust in the God who created you, will enable you to traffic right through it as you rise above it!  When you rise above those clouds what you will discover is the brilliance of God’s safety where His promises and blessings will be revealed.

Source: First Lady Denise