17 May 2018

HUGE Mistakes!

One thing I recognize more and more is that I learn a tremendous amount from the mistakes I have made. In fact, my husband and I often comment that having spent the better part of our lives serving in ministry, we have learned as much from the mistakes of others as we have their successes. We have seen so much and have always strived to be open to wise counsel while striving to maintain a teachable spirit. It started at home with my parents, grandparents, and older sisters, then progressed as I got older and had the privilege of serving and being assigned to great men and women of God.

I am still learning even at this ripe old age (ha . . . won’t disclose what that is!), how to recover from the HUGE mistakes I have made. Because I have always been extremely hard and judgmental when it comes to myself, I will honestly say this is something that remains a difficult area which is still in development. When it comes to others, I find it hard to be judgmental. No need to go deep and spiritual to explain that – it just simply boils down to the old adage “what goes around comes around”. Even with the best efforts and striving to do what is right and fair, I/we miss the mark. That’s because we are human beings, not angels.

Whenever I find my actions or decisions have been in error, or heaven forbid, made one of those HUGE mistakes I find it difficult to let it go. I carry it for an unreasonable amount of time and continue to process the incident over and over again. But that’s a lot of unnecessary wasted time! It is really true that we have been guilty of saying the right thing the wrong way; doing the right thing at the wrong time; or just simply saying or doing the wrong thing! Recently I made what I deemed to be one of those HUGE mistakes in the form of an oversight. Although I apologized profusely and later cried as it cut me to my core, I still blamed myself for missing something that caused undue stress on another individual.

When we face those experiences that is when our acknowledgement of God’s grace needs to cover us like a security blanket telling us that life really isn’t over because of that HUGE mistake! God’s grace extended to us is purely unmerited favor that we could never do enough to deserve it. His mercy is granting once again that which is unmerited; His compassion and forgiveness when otherwise would and could warrant punishment. Since we are God’s children why is it so hard to accept gifts so great that He has repeatedly said and proven are ours for the asking?

In conjunction with the acceptance of God’s grace and mercy I would like to offer a few ways in which we can step to the process of recovering from those HUGE mistakes.

1) Know that no one is perfect

2) Acknowledge and take ownership of the mistake, but do not harbor the negativity

3) Recognize that if you have offended one of God’s children, then you have offended Him. Ask God for His forgiveness first!

4) If it involves another person(s), if an apology is in order do not delay, however never offer it if it is not sincere. By doing so you add insult to injury.

5) Forgive yourself!! – Please understand that when we fail to forgive ourselves that is an open door for the enemy to bombard us with guilt and shame.

6) Resist the urge to crawl into a hole!

7) Learn from your mistake and endeavor not to make that same mistake again.

8) Think before you act — seek to be more observant and sensitive.

9) Celebrate your positive attributes and achievements, and always strive to be the best YOU that YOU can be.

Source: First Lady Denise